John Williamson

Character Name: John Williamson

**Rank: ** MTFO Grade-1-Whiskey Oscar

Position: On indefinite loan-out from ███████, SCPF-SOD R&D/W&T Division

Security Clearance Level: SCI-TS4 [█████████████████████████]

Vital Information

  • DOB: ████████
  • Height: 205cm
  • Weight: 158kg
  • Blood Type: AB POS
  • Race: White
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown

Personnel History

Site-32 Research and Development staff - Weapons Division
STF-O23- (Engineering & Demolitions)
██████ - ██████
SCP-SOD - R&D/W&T Division - Indefinite loan to Site-17

Behavior Analysis & Physical Description

  • Analysis: Predisposition towards violence and extreme solutions (see Incident-███████████████). Notable chemical dependence on caffeine products. After extensive psichatric examination, Williamson is cleared for a return to duty and recommended for placement in Special Operations Directorate - W&T Division provisional to medical profile..
  • Description at time of Analysis: Large and heavily scarred over all visible skin surfaces, shaved head and wearing a close cropped beard. Observed wearing arc-flash resistant attire(long sleeve Nomex shirt, and black nomex fatigue pants at time of examination). Wears glasses, prescription OD -1.75 OS -1.75 Sph. Low profile experimental armor(NIJ-Special, multi-hit 12.7x108, TiB2-over-UHMWPE laminate). Arrived to examination armed.
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