Dr.John Jack Griffith

Character Name: Dr.John Jack Griffith
Aliases: Brain, Beardo,

Played By: Dr_JohnGriffith

Position: Medical staff member, researches SCP's that effect a subject's mental or physical condition.
Description:Older man, about 45 with gray hair and a scruffy although not overgrown beard. He wears clothing practical to his situation.

Background: He is from Nevada, Boulder City, he always wanted to be a doctor. His father was a farmer as was his mother. He never enjoyed tending to animals and was facinated by the human mind. Displaying such an interest he got a job and worked long hours until he could pay for a degree in medicine. He studied medicine at [Redacted]
Putting full faith in the Foundation and their some what ominous actions is just one of the things that makes John slightly weird.

Test history:
SCP: 825
Date: 2/20/14
Subject: Dr.John Griffith
Info: Adult human.
Results: The subject requested to to test the device himself to evaluate the SCP himself. Subject screamed after being released and fell to the ground. He would only say something about a post apocalyptic vision of the world. He reported seeing extremely [Redacted] versions of his family.
Additional Comments: Recommended for evaluation by Dr.Aeslinger
Addendum: Subject is to stop his work for a while and report to an advanced psychologist by order of Dr. Aeslinger.

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