John Filmore

Character Name: John Filmore
Played by: NahteKavlozs
Age: 36
- Quite intelligent.
- Loyalty
- Friendly

- Often will try to push things too far, e.g. disregarding ethics for the sake of experimentation.
- Impulsive
- Can't read the mood.

PhD in Mathematics

Original Employment, and How McCreery got noticed by the Foundation:
(Note: events happened around 5 years after McCreery graduated, making him 28 at the time. The event was noticed around 18 months later, and he was hired as a Junior Researcher around half a year after the anomaly was contained.)

Part of a 12 person independent team that worked to stabilize an anomaly that formed at ██████ university, said anomaly attracted foundation attention and was taken in as SCP-████. The members of said group were later offered employment by the foundation due to the nature of the anomaly and the “skill” with which they handled it (albeit in an unnecessarily risky and dangerous manner). McCreery and ███████ accepted employment, while the remaining 10 chose to receive class B-amnestics and returned to normal life.

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