John Anderson Wood

Character Name: John Anderson Wood

Aliases: The Arborean, Johnny, Andy, John, Dr. John Wood (in order to prevent confusion).

Played By: TheMinecraftian (Formerly known as PrinceCreeper)

Position: Doctor found at Site 19 and sometimes at Site 24. Senior Authority over testing of SCP-████.

Description: Tall, Thin, Blond Haired with Monochrome eyes, seen usually in a lab coat during testing, wearing a blue coat when not testing. It should be noted that the subject has narcolepsy. 30 years of age.

Background: John Wood was recovered by the foundation due to his research of what he believed to be a new species of insect what in reality was an escaped SCP. He assisted in the foundation's attempt to contained SCP-████. Due to the somewhat-valuable knowledge in SCP-████ he possessed, the foundation offered to hire Dr. Wood. Dr. Wood accepted the offer instantaneously. At first in the position of researcher, he soon was promoted to the position of Doctor.

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