Johannes Fablehaft

Character Name: Johannes Fablehaft, formerly Johan VonFaithenstien

Aliases: Dr. Fabulous, The Producer

Played By: LTaru

Affiliation: None, formerly AWCY.

Physical Traits: Tall, thin Caucasian man. Has very dark brown hair and light blue eyes, and speaks with a South German accent. Wears glasses and is commonly seen wearing a matching suit, tie, and long lab coat.

Abilities: The ability to insert anything he physically touches into a pocket dimension. Said dimension appears to be a small city in an advanced state of ruin, and is inhabited by anomalous, mutated, human-like creatures.

The heavier the item being is, the more physical strain is exerted on him when he inserts it. Inside the pocket dimension, he has powerful telekinetic abilities. He can only enter his pocket dimension while he is asleep.

Personality: Extremely dedicated to his work to the point of obsession. He also has a sadistic nature, and feels no remorse for killing anyone to get the desired effect in the movies he creates. He will use whatever means necessary to ensure the film results in the way he envisions it, and often uses members of the anomalous community as actors due to him finding them more interesting. He has a deep fascination with the human mind.

History: Johan VonFaithenstien was born in Southern Germany as the second-youngest in a prestigious family. It was found that he had the “family gift” of reality-bending at the age of 7, when he repeatedly made vegetables on his dinner plate disappear. Shortly after these abilities were discovered, he was sent to live with his uncle, a fellow reality bender, who taught him to use and control his abilities.

When he came of age he was sent to college, where he met artists of Are We Cool Yet? He was intrigued, and joined the organization. He used his abilities to create movies, plays, and tv series, in which he kidnapped homeless people and pitted them against the local population of his dimension. His shows became popular in the anomalous community, where he assumed the title of The Producer.
After a while he became bored of using homeless people. He became depressed as he watched almost all of his movies fail due to the homeless populations inadequate ability to deal with the paranormal threats. He realized that the only ones capable of doing what he wanted were members of the anomalous community. He then decided to invite many of he's peers from AWCY to show his latest movie, however, he drugged (with free bagels) them and inserted them into his pocket dimension. He then forced them to fight to the death in a battle royal, and released only the winner.
Since then, he has been met with distrust and hatred from most circles of the anomalous community, many of which view him as a sadistic mad-man. He relinquished the name of The Producer, now going by Dr Johannes Fablehaft, or Dr Fabulous.

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