Jay Evans

Character Name: Jay Evans

Played By: Slashbolt

Position: Junior Researcher of Biological Anomalies in Site-19

Description: 5'10, Thin Build, Light Brown hair with Brown eyes, which always seem to have bags under them. Lab coat is usual attire, otherwise in jeans and navy-blue sweater.

Background: Majoring in Biology, Sociology, and minoring in Pathology, Anthropomorphism and(who could forget?) Women's Studies, Jay Evans was about to turn in his Doctoral Essay before being apprehended by the MTF, effectively preventing a Foundation Database Class III Information Breach.

While nobody on the outside world has seen Jay since that fateful morning on the Boston Metro, everybody who's seen Jay on the inside knows the Foundation made the right choice to recruit him for his extensive capabilities in analyzing anomalous entities, rather than loading him up with amnesiacs and sending him on his drug-addled way. When Jay isn't forming a new hypothesis on the latest skip, he's writing tear-stained letters to high-ranking foundation officials begging them to transfer him to the Sentient Research Division or allow him to earn his PhD, often in the same letter. While nobody's written back yet, Jay holds onto the notion that one day, he might be able to serve Site-19's primary objective… And maybe assure hits friends and family that he's alive.

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