Jay Bonsignori

Character Name: Jay Bonsignori
Aliases: Jay B, JB

Played By: Jay B

Position: She doesn't have a position anymore because she is a subject.

Description: 1.70, normal weight, black long hair with brown eyes.

Background: She is italian (Tuscany), but she moved to America because of her job. She works with a friend of her, name is Max. Their job is to find things, every sort of thing. During their job, Max and Jay found [data redacted] and after that they started working for the Foundation. While Max and Jay were in the Foundation's site, SCP-[data redacted] escaped. In that moment, Jay was [data redacted] when SCP-[data redacted] escaped, so she was the first to meet the fled SCP and she succeed to contain him. But something strange happened, Jay said to Max and to the scientists that the SCP said to her "You don't have the disease". After that the scientists decided to study her for finding why SCP-[data redacted] said that. Maybe Jay is a SCP or maybe she has been infected by something that she found.

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