Jasper Mistbourne

Character Name: Jasper Mistbourne

Aliases: Jas (to friends), Misty (only to his face by seniors), "hey you"

Played By: MistbourneMistbourne
Position: Foundation Researcher
Security Clearance Level: 3
Personnel Classification: C

Description: 176cm tall, 93 kilos. A medium-height, heavyset male. Caucasian, hazel eyes, brown hair. Usually in a lab coat, t-shirt, jeans and a good pair of running shoes. Right-handed, left-eye dominant.

Background: Recruited from SCP-4445-J and because he happened to be nearby an SCP when it was contained. Mechanical Engineer and borderline addicted to video games.

Currently Assignment: Deputy Assistant HMCL Supervisor for SCP-647. (Now I just need to figure out where the blasted thing is located…)

Firearms Proficiency: Standard Issue Sidearm, P90 SMG, Shotgun, TASER
Psionic Resistance Index: 95+
Psionic Abilities: None
Cognitohazard Resistance Index: 50 (standard Homo Sapiens baseline score)
Memetic Resistance Index: 45
Breach Response Category: Delta (Shelter in place)
Security Response Category: Gamma (Shelter in place, engage if threatened)

Jasper's personal P90 is a modified FN P90 TR. It has been modified to fire a three-round burst rather than a single shot when a light pull is used in Automatic mode. The top rail mounts a red-dot sight, while the side rails have a tactical light and a miniturized IR camera that wirelessly connects to a tactical helmet's HUD.

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