Jason St. Clair

Character name: Jason Alexander St. Clair

Aliases: Jason Sinclair

Played by: JarmatusJarmatus (IRC: StClair)

Position: Researcher, SCP Foundation, specialising in anomalous artifacts of a technological nature.

Description: 6'1''. Brown eyes, with glasses he wears inconsistently because he feels like people find them distancing. Brown hair that he's starting to lose at 25 due to a combination of stress and substandard genetics. Lean and muscular, although mostly due to having no real hobbies other than working out. Alternates between silent and a twitchy sort of earnest.

Background: Born in Australia (within ten kilometres of SCP-1171, unbeknownst to him), but came to the US at the age of 17 with his parents, musicians who thought Hollywood would improve their career opportunities. Took B.S. Computer Engineering at UC San Diego and graduated summa cum laude. Found work in the civilian IT sector, but was recommended to the Foundation through a Foundation asset in management. Very new to the Foundation, and not quite at home with his new job, but quite satisfied with the salary.

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