Jason James Kerring

Character name: Jason James Kerring

Aliases: J.J., Jim, Jimmy, J2

Played By: JJKerring

Position: Research Assistant

Description: 19 years old, 5'6", Shortish brown hair normally pushed back, Light brown eyes, Kinda pale, normally wears a t-shirt and jeans with an unbuttoned flannel If not in required lab uniform, Slightly Overweight.

Background: Recruited to the foundation after he aided in the raid of his previous employers lab on Long Island NY. He just recently finished his Orientation and training and is currently assigned to be an assistant for any project that needs an extra hand. He has field and research experience due to his time working for Dr. Benedict Johnson who is currently being searched for by the foundation for the production of dangerous experimental technology.

Personality: Carefree, procrastinator, easy to talk to, wants everyone to be happy and at peace, smokes cigarettes, enjoys learning new things.

In-Depth Bio: JJ lived a relatively easy life in the suburbs of Long Island, he did well in school and was offered an internship at Johnson's Center for Research and Development in Montauk NY, privately owned by Dr. Benedict Johnson. While there JJ showed his natural affinity for testing and research and was given the position of research assistant to Dr. Johnson. After learning Johnson's plan to sell his devices as weapons JJ began to detest the work that he was doing and when the foundation raided the lab JJ aided them in disabling security and accessing the storage center of the various experimental devices. Unfortunately during the raid Johnson escaped and is now being hunted by the foundation, after the raid JJ was hired by the foundation for his help and his experience with Johnson's machines.

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