Jason Anderson

Name: Jason Anderson

Aliases: Merc.

Age: 36

Played By: Sgt Jason_Anderson

Position: Sentry of Site-19.

Security Clearance: Level-3 clearance

Description: Male caucasian. 5'11, average build, with black hair and brown eyes. Usually seen wearing his uniform.

Background: Has a G.E.D. from the Idaho State University. When he was young he joined the US Army. During his training he demonstrated a proficiency as a marksman. He is a loyal soldier who enjoys his job a little to much. Seeing the opportunities he had as a soldier of fortune it was only natural he ended up working as a mercenary in many conflicts in the middle east before he was hired by the Foundation, who admired his ability to kill accurately and mercilessly. He has a strange coldness and lack of sympathy for others, especially Class-D personnel. He gets along fairly well with other members of the Foundation because of his calm demeanor. However he is often caught referring to researchers as "egg-heads" or "lab-geeks." His job mainly consists of patrolling different parts of the site for suspicious activity. Every so often he is tasked with guarding Class-D cells or escorting them for testing.

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