Jared R. Williams

Jared R. Williams, UIU

Played by: FiniteUI

Position: Standard Agent

Appearance: 185cm, 91Kg. (6 feet 1 inch, 200 pounds) Short dark brown hair, clean shaven.

Background: Jared Williams never believed in ghosts, aliens, monsters, or massive government conspiracies.Figured he'd wind up in a branch just for that. While working his way up to a nice, stable research job, he stepped on a few toes. Corrupt toes. Corrupt toes with connections. He'd never even heard of the UIU before notification of transfer, and every agent he asked about it laughed their head off. Now he just tries to keep his head low, and hold on to his dignity. He does the best job he can, but when the boss giving you your next assignment can't help but laugh at it, you know you're screwed.

tl;dr A normal agent who got dragged into the UIU. He wants to raise his own (or the UIU's) status.

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