Janitor Seamus "Skipper" Benson

Character Name: Seamus Richard Benson JR

Aliases: Sean, Skip, Skipper, Santa, Old Geezer, Pops, Old Man, Sean Connery, Dick, Scruffy, That Coot, Doddering Old Bastard

Played By: mrhappytimes

Position: Janitor at Site-19

Date of Birth: 09/07/1943

Security Clearance: Level 0

Description: Slicked back gray-white pony tail. Relatively short in stature. 70 years of age, relatively obese, walks with a cane. Always wears suspenders to hold up his pants. Wears a pair of cracked bifocals. Sports a large white beard.

Background: Seamus Richard Benson has worked for the Foundation for over 45 years now. Despite being a janitor and not qualified to hold any security clearance, he has been around long enough and been the source of much shoulder-crying and venting over the years that has given him the unique position of knowing generally what's going on at Site-19 before the Site Director does. He's relatively jovial and polite, but feels undervalued at the Foundation for his position. He's generally the guy who gets stuck cleaning up the backed up toilet.

Miscellaneous History: Seamus was born in 1943 in England, during the height of World War II to a Jewish Family. He was just a small child when his family sought refuge during the Blitz and the air battle over London. His family moved to the British Mandate in Palestine to get away from war torn Europe. After the war he never left Israel, finding great pride in being a citizen of the fledgling country. He joined the Israeli Defense Forces in 1961 at the age of 18. He served his country with distinction as his team led a rally during a tactical nightmare that threatened to be thrown into a full rout. For his service during the Six-Day War he was awarded the Medal of Valor in 1970. But Seamus was nowhere to be found as he wanted to get away from all the death and trauma he experienced during the war. So in 1968 Seamus started working as a low-level employee for the Foundation. His family declined the Medal on his behalf, assuming he's been dead for sometime.

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