Agent Watcher

Real name: Jameson Gatsby

Aliases: Agent Watcher

Played By: Dr Gatsby

Position: GOC operative, Thaumatologist

Division: PHYSICS

Description: Short, choclate-colored hair, green eyes, and light skin. However, when using his powers, his eyes are purple and glow slightly.

Background: he was recruited for the foundation at the age of 16 after an incident with a now-SCP, he was questioned by the Foundation, and the Foundation realized he had certain talents. At the age of 17 he left the foundation after major disagreements over the fact that they keep many dangerous SCPs in storage yet they hesitate to terminate them, yet they have the means. He then was recruited by the GOC, who knew about him since he started questioning the foundation's goals.

Primary weapon: The Centurion(A custom .45 Cal semi-auto rifle with a short-range

Sidearm: Modified Colt Python(Has railgun coils along the barrel, increasing bullet speed by 150%)

Addendum I: It is possible Agent Watcher is acctually not a true thaumatologist, but a reality bender with limited power.

Addendum II: Agent Watcher appears to be able to see EVE signatures without use of VERTIAS. He can also see in the dark.

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