James Thomas

Name: James Thomas

Occupation: Chief security officer in charge of the squad who deal with Stefan

Clearance Level: 3

Appearance: Short well kept black hair, dark blue eyes, and a slightly muscular, very fit build. Has a number of scars along his body from dealing with numerous of Stefan's fits, along with enough emotional baggage to cripple a normal person. James has a kind demeanor on his face until he is ready for combat in which his face will grow cold and as hard as stone.

Age: 23

Personality: James is an easy to get along with guy almost all the time, but if he's dealing with one of Stefan's fits, or a containment breach that personality disappears in place of a cold hardened soldier who wont take no for an answer and expects every single order to be answered without question. He has learned to only depend on those he has seen handle themselves with Stefan, or expects great things from.

History: James is the only survivor of the team sent in to obtain Stefan. No one really knows what happened during that mission, or how he survived it, but it is assumed that if it wasn't for his specially modified high powered handguns he prefers to use in combat, he wouldnt have survived. Since he was the only agent to survive he was made the tactical leader of the security squad in case of a containment breach involving Stefan.

Weapons of choice: His heavily modified pair of handguns, using any type of ammunition needed for the situation, and of course a combat knife when he runs out of options.

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