Character name: Jacoby Drexlehand

Aliases: Crazy Jacob, The Hand Of Drexle

Gender: Male

Played By: Charlie Higgins

Skill Set: Hand to hand combat, proficiency in all modern weaponry, free running, hacking and demolitions expertise.

Position: High level security officer and member of the SCP decommissioning division.

Physical Description: Tall, mildly scarred (physically and mentally), albino, brown hair and eyes, and is rarely seen without his custom site security armor or his equipment.

Background: Before he joined the Foundation Jacoby Drexlehand was a soldier in the British army. He was brought to the Foundation's attention when he unwittingly aided in the recapture of SCP-███, while his aid averted disaster it costed Jacoby a portion of his sanity. Soon after the incident Jacoby was recruited into the Foundation. Since he joined the Foundation he has been a very good at his job and has survived many containment breaches and raids from organisations such as the Chaos Insurgency. After an accidental exposure to SCP-212 Jacoby now has the ability to sprout and retract an extra pair of arms.

Approved Anomalous Equipment: One (1) Combat Knife that says "Humiliation!" every time it kills someone but is otherwise completely normal, one (1) grenade pouch containing an infinite amount of grenades that say "I hope you like pineapples" just before detonating but is otherwise completely normal, one (1) Sniper Rifle that says "Head Shot" every time it shoots someone in the head but is otherwise completely normal and one (1) sentient Assault Rifle that warns it's "Master" of nearby threats and when it's low on ammunition, but is otherwise completely normal. These pieces of equipment received their anomalous attributes when Jacoby and Dr. █████ put them through SCP-914 on various settings, both men were severely reprimanded upon discovery of what they had done and it was later decided that Jacoby would be allowed to keep the equipment so long as the equipment wasn't being studied.

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