Jackie Walkerton

Character Name: Jacqueline Walkerton

Aliases: Jackie, Jack Walker

Played By: Drewbear

Physical Description
Jackie is 5'6" and has a wiry build. She packs a lot of muscle onto her frame though. She has shoulder-length dark brown, almost black hair, and has brown eyes with green flecks. She has a detailed tattoo of a dog's head located on her right shoulderblade, as well as multiple ear piercings and a nose stud in her left nostril. She rarely wears makeup. She has many fine scars across her hands and arms, but they're not dramatic enough to be noticed at first glance. She's of average appearance, in a "girl next door" kind of way, neither especially ugly nor especially beautiful.
Jackie originally comes from a dimension where all humans are mildly telepathic, where she worked as a veterinarian. Many subjective years ago, she and her dog Roberto were sucked into the Tamlin House, wherein they were subject to many trials and tribulations. During that time, Roberto disappeared and his body was found by Jackie, although the nature of the House makes it difficult to determine whether or when Roberto really died. Jackie "recently" discovered and used a Way into the Wandering Library and has been getting acclimated to the idea of being able to go back to the real world again. Several members of the Serpent's Hand have approached her, considering her abilities and prior contact with the Foundation in the House, but she's rebuffed them for the time being.
Other Info
Jackie is a moderately strong telepath (including both humans and animals), although she doesn't use it unless she has to. She also has a fair amount of medical and veterinary knowledge and makes a decent field medic for a variety of creatures. In possession of a red pearl from some dolphins in the Tamlin House, which, given the nature of the House, could have any number of intrinsic properties or uses, including just looking pretty.
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