Ithica Ashkani

Character Name: Ithica Ashkani

Aliases: Komodo, Chameleon, Crock

Played By: Maddy L

Position: Infiltrator Team Leader for the Serpent's Hand

Description: Ithica, for all intents and purposes, is a humanoid lizard. Her skin at rest is rubbery, and slightly bumpy, and her eyes resemble that of a gecko. She has no nose, but instead two slit like nostrils. Her tail is long, and flexible, but has no real strength. She's flat-chested, but has wider hips denoting that she is in fact, female.
She is still a practising Muslim, although she's ditched the burqa, wearing simple, modest shalwar kameez, a hijab and occasionally a niqab as her casual attire. Her battle garb changes drastically with the combat situation.

Background: Mr. and Mrs. Ashkani found an odd egg in their home when they first immigrated to America. Assuming it was a decoration left by the previous tenants, the Ashkani's kept it. Soon, Mrs. Ashkani was with child, and nine months later, Ithica was born. Because of her odd appearance, she was home schooled. Any time she interacted with the outside world, she had to wear a burqa, and sunglasses

She had very little interaction with other children, being tagged as "that weird paki." Her parents began to have trouble with her as a teen, and trying to seek help, finding the Serpent's Hand. The Hand helped by giving Ithica a place she could go and be herself, without worrying about her appearance. They also helped her tap into her unknown abilities and she eventually joined the Serpent's Fist subgroup.

Ithica can tap into her own genetics and pull out bits a bobs from the different creatures she's related to.
Chameleon: She mutes and dulls her skin, shifting the pigmentation to match her surroundings better.
Alligator: Her skin hardens and becomes rough, and very difficult to pierce. When tapping into this heritage, her tail also becomes a very strong melee weapon.
Komodo Dragon: An extremely difficult bit of genetics to bring to the forefront, her Dragon heritage makes her a strong, vicious fighter. Her teeth become razor sharp, and her mouth becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, as well as having venom.

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