Isaiah: Of Man and Machine

SCP-ID: Pending

Object Class: Euclid, Possible Keter

Played By: TheProjectexe

Aliases: Isaiah, Isaac


Special Containment Procedures: SCP- XXXX is to be kept in a 20x15x10 meter room made of 6 inch reinforced steel and monitored via, security cameras until we can find further information about the Subject’s abilities. SCP-XXXX is to be locked in 20x15x10 room made of obsidian with a thick, bulletproof window used for observation and kept at Site-[REDACTED]. [See Revision-EXE-A] Due to SCP-XXXX’s anomalous properties, security cameras and video recording devices are rendered unneeded/useless. [See Addendum EXE-A] Room is to be furnished with 1 bed with 2 pillows positioned in the corner of the room, 1 wooden chair, one 1x1 m wooden table, a dimmer switch, a direct water feed, and speakers ready to play classical music in case Subject becomes agitated, or upon SCP- XXXX’s request, and shall be feed a high iron diet daily, though it should be noted that several daily iron supplements without feeding can suffice as well. Those without at least a level 3 security clearance are not to be allowed anywhere near SCP-XXXX's containment chamber. Any and all interaction with SCP- XXXX requires the approval of the Site Director. Testing is to be done by Class-D personnel in order to avoid possible casualties/fatalities of valuable personnel.

If SCP- XXXX is to be required to be removed from current containment, the site director and one member of the O5 Council is to be notified in advance to removal. [See Incident-XXXX-A], SCP-XXXX is to be removed only by 2 Level 4 security personnel and is to remain in contact at all times with SCP-XXXX until removal and relocation is completed. In the event of containment breach, full site lockdown is to be initiated. If SCP-XXXX is missing from its containment chamber, the Site Director is to be notified and all personnel are required to log-off/shutdown any personal computers to avoid precious information revealed to SCP-XXXX. Personnel may resume use of their computers once SCP-XXXX is contained.

Note: Ever since Incident-XXXX-B, weapons of any kind are to be left outside the containment area, and out of the vicinity of SCP-XXXX. Tools which may be considered weapons, such as cooking knives, crowbars, hammers, and the like, are acceptable, but must be only used for its intended purpose and not for “Self-Defense”. –Site Director

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be an adolescent white male of 17 years of age, although it claims that its body is only 14 years of age. It has long, wavy hair parted from the middle and drooped to its sides. Its skin appears to the equivalent of thick leather, although testing reveals that it is simply tightly packed skin cells. Its right eye is a natural green, but the partial left side of its face contains metal plating made of iron and what seems to be a very high quality camera lens for an eye. SCP-XXXX claims that it functions just as well and when questioned, he states: “When he put it on, I had to ask why the left part of my face felt heavier after I woke up. I could not tell the difference between my real eye and the mechanical eye. I still can’t see a difference.”

Although SCP-XXXX is easy to spot, it is difficult to distinct SCP-XXXX from other humans in a crowd. He describes this as “Light Shifting”, which also contributes to the distortion of itself in images and video recordings. [See Addendum EXE-A] It can make himself visible to others in a crowd if it wishes to initiate a conversation with said human(s), although it cannot control if pictures/recording devices can record him or not. Higher quality cameras/recording devices can provide less blur, although small details are unable to be seen. Others can see it without its consent if intense focus and examination is made. Audio recording devices seem to function as normal.

SCP-XXXX is required a high intake of iron to keep sustenance. This can be acquired from direct consumption, or through foods with high iron count. SCP-XXXX only requires 4 hours of sleep every week. No other human necessities are needed for SCP-XXXX to function normally, including breathing and waste removal. SCP-XXXX can "Remove" its chest, although it is known to cause it mild pain and discomfort. Its chest appears to be a removable panel held in place by screws which are barely visible. This includes the pectorals and upper abdomen. Upon removal, SCP-XXXX's internal organs can clearly be seen intact and functioning. Each organ has a piece of complex machinery connected to it that seems to aid further to the said organ's functioning efficiently. He also contains a small elaborate machine located where the appendix would be. Those with level 3 clearance can see Interview Log XXXX-A for further details regarding his functioning and machinery.

SCP-XXXX has extremely high intelligence with its strongest subjects appearing to be psychology, mathematics/algebra/geometry, chemistry, mechanics, bio-mechanics, and biology. Actual IQ levels are pending. It is highly adaptive to any changes made to his surroundings. When asked a question, it always answers using scientific facts, or own personal opinion backed up by hard evidence. It claimed to always want to be "The smartest person in the World" as a child and that it is moved on from this and seems to appreciate its current level of intelligence, although always eager to learn something new. It knows how the human mind works and can make predictions that always seem true unless something spontaneous happens which would cause it to be false, like someone walking into the testing chamber for example. This seems to be the only case scenario when its predictions are false. It has been challenged to several games of skill and has passed all but one.

I am pretty sure losing to 3 other Class-D's in a game of Uno should not count against his intelligence. It is more of a game of luck than it is skill. Also, I'm pretty sure I saw two of the Class-D's cheating by hiding their cards in their sleeves. SCP-XXXX accepted defeat from them, but I am sure he knows this judging from the look on his face afterwards. -Site Director

SCP-XXXX was found wandering Site-[REDACTED] where it is currently held. It is unknown of how it knew how to get in unnoticed, where the Foundation was located, or even knew of it's existence. When questioned, he simply states: "I was walking around when I saw a miner. He was tired and stressed from his work, so I decided to talk with him. We took a walk, when all of a sudden, the Knowledge just came to me, and I knew that I had to explore."

He must've encountered [DATA EXPLUNGED] at some point before containment. This is the only explanation for this to just "Appear" in his head. I am ordering a few more Guards stationed around [DATA EXPLUNGED] so this won't happen again, even though it is highly unlikely. -Site Director

((Addendums, Incidents, etc., will be added soon and contain many more details about him))

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