Isaac Roach

Character Name: Dr. Isaac Roach

Aliases: Dr. Roach, Isaac, "Slim"

Played By: TheMadStork

Position: Researcher, Director of Research for SCP-1875, specialist in anomalous computational devices

Security Clearance Level: 3

Description: Caucasian male, 29 years old, tall and very thin (6'3", ~150lbs), pale skin, dark brown eyes and short dark brown hair, full untrimmed beard, disheveled appearance, wears thick black-rimmed glasses to hide the conspicuous dark circles around his eyes, wears the same clothes nearly every day (a faded gray blazer, plain black t-shirt, and jeans), has several visible tattoos including an aleph-naught symbol (the infinite cardinal number) on his right forearm and a small chess piece (a black knight) on the left side of his neck.

Background: Isaac Roach was born in Palo Alto, California. His mother was an emergency room nurse, and his father was a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford. As a child, Roach was a chess prodigy who learned the game at six years old, competed in his first tournament at eight, and qualified for the title of Grandmaster by the age of seventeen. He still plays chess every day and utilizes chess knowledge in his research, but has not competed in over a decade. Roach earned his B.S. in Mathematics from Harvard University and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Between the two programs, he spent one year working at Wolfram Research. While attending MIT, he worked as a researcher in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory's Learning and Intelligent Systems Group. The Foundation sought him out after he published his dissertation on the application of artificial neural networks to computer chess, and hired him to lead the SCP-1875 research team and contribute to research on several other anomalous computational devices.

Personality: Dr. Roach is known for his sardonic sense of humor and manic personality. He talks very fast and drinks copious amounts of coffee. In his spare time, he roasts his own coffee beans, and has created twelve blends to date: each is named after a chess piece (Black Rook, White Pawn, Black Queen, etc.), with flavors that Roach claims were inspired by the pieces' characteristics. Roach is a heavy cigarette smoker, constantly trying new methods to quit, including nicotine therapy, prescription medication, hypnosis, acupuncture, and [REDACTED].


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