Irving Drake

Name: Irving Drake

Aliases: Drake, Agent Drake, Irving1, Zeta-5-3

Position: Foundation agent, level 2ΞΆ, MTF-Zeta-5 member

Played by: Jayeon KaiJayeon Kai

Description: Muscular, short black hair, dark-blue eyes, in late twenties, Agent Irving Drake takes his job very seriously, but is usually very calm and polite. Various injuries are present on his arms and legs as a result of risking his life to recontain various SCPs. He always has a combat knife strapped to his belt just in case he needs it.

Background: Irving Drake was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, and has been a good friend of Researcher Terrence Simmons since high school. He graduated [REDACTED] University with a PhD in Astrophysics, Psychology, and Social Work. He joined the Foundation a few weeks after his friend did when the Foundation approached him with a job after Terrence revealed more information about him. Due to his brave efforts in recontaining various SCPs, he was promoted to task force member of MTF-Zeta-5. Information about MTF-Zeta-5 is only available to those with Level 2 clearance or higher. When not busy with work, Drake enjoys writing poems and short stories.

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