Ignatius Bloodsworth

Character Name: Ignatius Bloodsworth

Aliases: Red, sarge, Iggy (WILL get you punched in the face), IB, Igneous

Played By: RedOctober

Position: Sergeant in the Intelligence Agency/ISD Agent

Security Clearance level: 4 (Global)

Description: 29 y/o, 5’9 height, short, black and well-kept hair, tan skin, well-built, gray eyes, usually seen in his gray trench coat and boots, almost resembling a German Nazi officer in his attire.

Personality: Ignatius has a bipolarity disorder with slight hints of OCD. While he is usually calm and answers cordially to any normal interaction, being put under heavy stress, pressure or threat will cause him to become highly volatile. Under his alter ego he is prone to resort to extreme violence, disregard for other human beings, and general ethic and moral guidelines. Otherwise he is smarter than average, scoring 126 in his IQ test and being capable of solving problems in unorthodox ways.

Background: Ignatius Bloodsworth was born to a British father and a Mexican mother in a rural area of central Mexico. Thanks to his upbringing, he is fluent in Spanish and English. His mother died while taking care of him at the hands of the cartels, shortly after Ignatius reached nine years of age, setting the foundations for his mental disorder. His father soon decided to move back to England with his son and start a new life. After attending the Imperial College he decided for a career in the military as an engineer. Whilst stationed at ██████ Barracks, the installations were assaulted by a Chaos Insurgency armed commandos due to the rumors of an experimental SCP-based weapon (the Foundation had already infiltrated the barracks at this point). Bloodsworth was on patrol and quickly responded, meeting the aggressors with deadly efficiency, killing one and wounding two, with the resting two fleeing since they were not expecting such resistance. Ignatius was found two days later at ██ km from the barracks, with the bullet-ridden corpses of the Chaos Insurgency commandos that escaped. After being questioned, Bloodsworth confessed tracking down the commandos with the radio and GPS of one of their dead comrades. Under the threat of martial court, Ignatius was coerced into joining the Foundation, with the incident being covered up as a IRA attack. His tidiness in overall work earned him entry to the ISD branch of the foundation, his position being quite handy to find leaks in Intel and possible moles within his branch.

Hobbies: Reading, music (Classical and Rock), engineering and mechanics, amateur physicist and mathematician.

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