I walk with Shadows

SCP-2346 "I walk with Shadows"

Played by: I walk with Shadows

Object class: Elucid

Containment procedures: SCP-2346 is to be kept in a cell of average size that is lit evenly at or above 500 lumens at all times. Due to the subject's unstable nature only personnel with previous experience in psychology or that 2346 has deemed "friend" are to interact with it for testing or other purposes. Under no circumstances is SCP-2346 allowed to leave it's chamber, especially not into any area with light levels less than 500 lumins. The exception to the previous statement is being escorted to the testing chambers. Escort to and from the testing facilities requires 2 D-class personnel equiped with floodlights and 2 guards armed with 9mm pistols. During the event of an escape attempt or contaiment breach, all lights are to be overridden to full brightness and SCP-2346 is supposed to brought to unconsciousness by repeated fire to the legs and torso.

Description: SCP-2346 appears to be a humanoind male that measures about 182cm and weighing about 75 kg at 20 years of age. It has an extremely kind disposition towards most people upon first meeting them, although afterwards he has been known to become hostile to people. 2346 appears to exhibit many psychological diseases such as PTSD and Bipolar disorder, although all attempts at a full evaluation have failed. SCP-2346 becomes enraged and hostile at the mentioning of molestation, rape, and sexual assault. It also has a strong affinity for music and enters a passive state while listening. However, the most distinguishing features about 2346 are its abilities to interact with humans and the enviornment. Under light levels above 500 lumins (well below normal lighting for our facilities) SCP-2346 can interact with all objects, but will phase through a human unless consent is given by the human and reassured verbally every 10 minutes. In light levels less than 500, however, 2346 can phase through or interact with the environment as it sees fit and can physically touch and harm humans without consent.

Adendum-2346-1: SCP-2346 was found at (marked over data) on 6/17/yyyy after the death of its "girlfriend" was reported by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. (marked over data), to the police. There was no sign of entry or exit, no any finger prints. It is assumed that SCP-2346 took advantage of the dark and dissipated through the walls of the house to the outside. SCP-2346 has fully admitted to killing her although it will not explain its motives to do so and any attempt to push the matter angers 2346. A group of agents paid his bail after it was arrested.

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