HT Blackwood

Name: Henry Thaddeus Blackwood

Security Clearance Level: 2 (Global)

Age: 43

Played by: Bendingtherules

Physical description: 6'1'' tall, white male, lean body. Brown hair in crew cut, green eyes. Prone to cough from a minor stab wound which never really healed correctly. Bears two bullet scars on the right arm from a skirmish in a cavern system.

Otherwise, he prefers wearing tailored suits and trenchcoats on-site. During operations he is generally seen in inconspicuous attire or local dress, attempting to blend in or at least stay off-radar.

Background: Born in Providence, Massachusetts, HT studied International Relations in Boston University. He later entered the American Military University and obtained a Masters in Intelligence Studies. During his studies at the AMU, HT was enrolled in an intern program with the Institute for Defense Analyses, to work in the System and Analyses Center until 20██. He was later hired.

Gaining experience, Blackwood joined the Defense Intelligence Agency as part of a classified program to succeed where MKULTRA failed. During time in the DIA, Blackwood received basic firearms training, combat drills and first aid training. The Agency also facilitated lessons on interrogation methods, surveillance operations, and military tactics, which were mandatory for work as an operative.

After running surveillance and counterintelligence operations on the home front for 7 years, Blackwood was sent to a secure compound in the Middle East to aid in surveillance tasks, while promoting the Agency's interests there. He oversaw drug, psychological, and physiological tests using captured extremists and the accidental bystander as subjects.

When HT was deployed in Afghanistan testing an experimental "truth pill" to find the location of Jihadist hideouts, a militant led him to a 'sacred place', later confirmed to be an instance of SCP-████. A firefight broke out in which the anomalous object was retrieved and the cavern system in which it was kept collapsed. After the Marines operating in Blackwood's squad delivered the object to a DIA contact in a secure zone of Kabul, Foundation personnel retrieved the object and administered Class-B amnesiacs to the rest of the team. Through inside men, Blackwood was persuaded into joining the intelligence branch of the Foundation to work as a field agent.

Surveillance, data recovery, intelligence and counterintelligence measures are his specialties.

Personality: Conservatively raised, Blackwood is a man of few words whilst socializing and prefers working. He believes small, organized groups, or even a single man are as effective as a whole army. His unwavering loyalty towards the United States was soon undermined by service in the DIA.

With interrogation being the order of the day, HT has developed quick thinking and a high distrust of whatever exits someone's mouth. Almost mechanical in his relations off-duty, he can manage to switch to multiple personalities, depending on the mission or situation. Otherwise, Blackwood has shown to be skilled in logical thinking and creative problem solving, although preferring to stick to established protocols by superior authorities.

"The enemy cares not for your opinion, unless it's the same as theirs. Then, everything you are will be gone. Poof. Just like that." -HT Blackwood

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