Haydn Strada

Name: Dr. Haydn Strada

Aliases: None

Played by: Yoursy

Background: Journalism; PhD, Psychology. Slight training in handguns.

Department/Position: Assistant Researcher assigned to SCP-946

Physical appearance: 6'2" tall, 120 lbs, blue eyes, disheveled chestnut-brown hair. Very thin and lanky.

Age: 21

Personal History: Raised by his father, a medical technician. Urged to follow in his father's footsteps, but psychology interested him more, he liked to see how people think. Despite his interests and studies, he doesn't do well with people, and prefers to be alone. This combined with stressful living conditions caused him to take up the habit of smoking.

Work Experience: Worked part-time as a journalist and record-keeper through college. Joined the Foundation straight out of college.

Current assignment: Full-time research & monitoring of SCP-946.

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