Gerald Reddington

Character Name: Gerald Reddington

Aliases: Gary, Red

Played by: Hot Blooded Hero

Position: Rookie Field Agent

Description: Average build, bit on the short side, black hair and dark-brown eyes. Of Japanese-American descent, but takes a lot from his father's side. Though not actually required attire, enjoys wearing "Men-in-Black type get-ups" as he refers them to.

Background: Recruited as a freelance agent back in 20██ after an incident with SCP-███ at a ████████ store in ████████████, Oregon. Later recruited as a full-time rookie after several repeat incidents in the same area (He was always there, conveniently, and was always so eager to help.). Never leave him unsupervised with any SCPs he's encountered prior to recruitment for too long. SCP-███ seems to hold a grudge against him, and actually becomes enraged after the first 5 minutes.

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