George Neal

Character Name: George Neal

Aliases: George, Neal, Robo George,

Played By: Researcher Jacob

Position: Head and supervisor of robotics and A.I technology, as well as aid researcher in the nature of mechanical SCPs.

Description: Caucasian male, mid thirties, 1.7 meters tall, black flattop hairstyle and goatee, blue eyes, usually clad in white lab coat.

Background: George Neal has been both the core designer and engineer of the Foundation's robotic equipment for several years. He has been renowned for his work on manually operated machinery able to be effectively utilised in research and maintenance of SCPs, and site exploration purposes. He is a strongly determined man, eager to put the best of his capabilities towards the foundation's cause. Dr. Neal is not restricted to his own department, his excessive knowledge of advanced machinery have earned him requested roles in the aided research of mechanical SCPs such as SCP-278. However, despite his contributions being more then highly appreciated by the foundation, George feels the need that his skills have not yet been "put to where he feels is just".

He has, on multiple occasions, gone on to suggest using bipedal locomotive robotic units in order to carry out tasks of regular foundation personnel, specifically that of mobile task forces, in hopes of improving performance. These units would be implemented with A.I technology so highly advanced, that they would posses to ability to manoeuvre and even so possibly think for themselves of solutions to encountered problems, all without human interface, carrying out various ordered objectives, ranging from desolated artefact retrieval to even combating hostile entities head on, through bullet, flame or even missile hand-held weaponry. Obviously, units would be completely immune to psychological (and other) effects of certain SCPs, and more durable to straight physical damage, as of their tough metallic bodies. Their own electronic databases would be automatically updated with official documented information regarding all discovered SCPs as of that current time. Units would be programmed to follow direct voice commands of only specifically authorised personnel, including Dr. Neal himself. As well as this, each unit would posses a unique voice module, allowing them to respond to questions or alert other units/humans to possible threats. Units outside of field work, stationed as guards to euclid and keter class objects, would be implemented with a full virtual map scale of their facility in case of emergency, also including instructions on containing specific on-site SCPs, to which they can attempt to do themselves.

While Foundation officials have taken Neal's new ideas with interest, they have denied his requests to start new productions of these new units right away, claiming that such advanced developments should be thoroughly tested and perfected before it can be suitable for use in such important, serious duties. However, Neal, after almost two years, had finally constructed the first working prototype, unofficially designated unit SCPU-00001 (nicknamed "Jack"), which currently resides within his office and living space (as navigating through the facility always accompanied by a large robot would possibly cause some complications) performing basic every-day tasks for him. Despite this, Jack is still equipped with knowledge on on-site SCPS, including methods of containing them and also weapons training, in the event of a major containment breach.

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