SCP-8325 " Girl of Slime"

Aliases - Gelli

Played by: Lyoko99999

Object class - Safe

Containment - SCP-8325 is to be contained in a room of 15x15x10 meters. Placed inside are normal human bedroom items including: a bed, a nightstand, a bookcase with some books of varying genres, a soft chair, and a light. All furniture is to be plastic wrapped and changed weekly. She also must have gloves to read the books. A camera is to be kept in the cell to monitor her.

Description: Gelli is a young woman who is 24 years old and is 5'10". She is made of a green gelatinous material that seems partly rubber and partly slime. The substance is also sticky. It also appears that her clothes are made of a similar, if not same, material as she is. Her body is translucent however her clothes are opaque. She is calm most of the time and reacts like a normal human would to certain situations. She also has a similar IQ of a human female of her age. She doesn't mind speaking about herself to researchers.
Gelli was once a human woman with a loving family. She was studying to be a nuclear physicist and was on a trip to get a close experience of what she would be working with. She was observing a nuclear plant and had not noticed that there was a leak. She was walking around the plant when she tripped and fell into the radioactive slime. Her body's DNA was altered and she became a woman made of slime. She had gotten amnesia after the mutation but has started getting back her memories little by little as each day passes. About 2 years later,Gelli was discovered in a forest in South Dakota by Dr. Candace/Kiergen during a search after rumors and news of a weird creature living in the forest of South Dakota. She was asked if she wanted to come with the researcher to be and speak with some people. She agreed and Mobile Task Force officers soon arrived to contain her and brought her to Site-19. She was placed in her containment cell, showing no signs of resistance during the process.

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