Item #: SCP-4395

Object Class: Euclid

Played by: GuardCaptVinnyGuardCaptVinny

Aliases: The Fracture Virus, Fracture, 4395, Roman Robot, Magister Fractura

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4395-1 is to be stored in a USB thumb drive that is locked in a safe in a standard containment cell. SCP-4395-2 is to be contained in a separate containment cell located on the next corridor. Videos of SCP-4395-3 should be monitored and blocked for the internet.

Testing is required by a Clearance Level 2 and up.

Description: SCP-4395-1 is a digital virus that is designed to "possess" electronic devices/entities. Source of origin is unknown. SCP-4395-1 is a virus that can move through ports on the internet to move around. Tests to eliminate it are currently ineffective. The virus is called "Fracture", as the file it is located on is named. SCP-4395-1 is described as a face with a green and red eyes and a mouth on screen. SCP-4395-1 refers to itself as "Magister Fractura". SCP-4395-2 is a mechanical robotic device. It is made of technology unknown and is made of indestructible metal similar to bronze. The ornate styling bears an uncanny resemblance to Roman armor patterns. SCP-4395-2 is designated as a body for SCP-4395-1. SCP-4395-3 is a series of videos uploaded online that displays a screen similar to SCP-4395-1. SCP-4395-3 videos display important Foundation information, including staff, SCPs, documents, etc. It is unknown how this information is collected. Blocking SCP-4395-3 is a priority. SCP-4395-3 is currently monitored. When SCP-4395-1 speaks, it usually speaks in Latin, meaning it speaks Latin on SCP-4395-3 videos.

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