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Uhh…. dude. Out-of-character forum discussions means no roleplaying, and the site's retired, as it is.

Re: character review required by ZynZyn, 15 Oct 2016 06:31

No response……….unknown if want to continue…….seen as worthless…..small pawn with large ideas…..Agent Brandon Dylan Pie is held in

Sad to hear that the site is being decommissioned. It was fun while it lasted. My only regret is not being able to finish my RP with people. I wish I could and there are some days I feel like returning, but when 'I try to start typing nothing comes out.

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Re: Site Retirement by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY, 17 Sep 2016 06:40

Yeah. I feel you.

Re: 2nd character. by TheOtakuArtistTheOtakuArtist, 25 Aug 2016 19:51

Thanks, I had just gotten back from an inactive spell, I probably would have been sitting around waiting for a reply forever….. What a shame.

Re: 2nd character. by LTaruLTaru, 23 Aug 2016 23:08

Did you read the main page? This RP is shutting down. If you want to join another SCP RP, look at this:

Re: 2nd character. by TheOtakuArtistTheOtakuArtist, 23 Aug 2016 11:09
Way Hopping
LTaruLTaru 21 Aug 2016 13:28
in discussion In Character Forums / The Library » Way Hopping

As you walk into the library, something catches your eye, something that wasn't there earlier. A table stacked high with pamphlets! Should you decide to let your curiosity get the better of you, they read:


continue strait then make two lefts to reach the oaken door,
which takes you to a place you've never seen before,
a location that changes with every tour,
excitement, adventure, and exploration galore,
but be warned, once you enter you may seek help no more!

((As stated above, any character that can get to the library and be allowed in is allowed. This RP basically encompasses going through a way that changes constantly, and takes you to random places throughout reality. In your initial comment feel free to say what your looking for, such as exploration, combat, or mixed (you'll probably get a mix anyway but i'll lean more towards one) Happy hopping!))

Way Hopping by LTaruLTaru, 21 Aug 2016 13:28

Sorry for my prolonged absence, everything kind of got crazy for a while there, but I should be able to continue regularly now.

First, I didn't fix my second character yet. Im still working on it though, i'll do something soon I swear.

Second I decided to add the third character here to save space, i'm hoping its at least workable.

Thirdly, Could I please delete my first character? After rereading it, it just seems so generic and boring that I would rather completely redo it later. (this might not be the right place to ask for this, but I figured id throw it in)


Re: 2nd character. by LTaruLTaru, 20 Aug 2016 22:30

Oh well.

I guess this was a long time coming since last year when a lot of the veterans went dark and some of the longer RP's just died. It was a lot of fun, and looking at some of the other RP's currently available I guess I'll just hop on over there and start all over again.

I think I'll hold some fond memories of the stories that happened here, even if some of them were never completed. We had a good run and I'm glad we lasted this long before the end.

It was a fun ride, thank you.

Re: Site Retirement by TaaargetTaaarget, 11 Aug 2016 20:48

I've talked to one of the staff at SCP Foundation Roleplay, and they're happy to take in SCP-RP members. Just message one of their staff (I recommend Aiden EldritchAiden Eldritch) about how to get started. Their community is new and much more active, plus they have a better system in place for coordinating roleplays.

Re: Site Retirement by ZynZyn, 11 Aug 2016 18:13

Will do. Such a shame I came so late. See yah, man.

Re: Site Retirement by TheOtakuArtistTheOtakuArtist, 11 Aug 2016 05:32

A notice to anyone who might still check this site—SCP-RP is in the process of being retired. It's been a pretty crazy run, but given that I'm effectively the only staff member that checks this place on a semi-regular basis and it was never easy coordinating timezones for forum roleplay, it's far past time to lay this place to rest.

As such, over the next few days, I'll be making arrangements to retire the site. The material will still remain in existence in case anyone would like to consult the material here for reference or inspiration. In the meantime, I highly encourage SCP Foundation-verse roleplayers to check out Origins and the newly-created SCP Foundation Roleplay for your SCP roleplaying needs.

Site Retirement by ZynZyn, 11 Aug 2016 03:21

Apologies, I meant to say sniper rifle. I do agree on absolutely everything else you've stated. Let's try not to get into useless arguments.

Re: Drake Weiss by TheOtakuArtistTheOtakuArtist, 08 Aug 2016 19:40

That's a silly argument. A rifle isn't close quarters combat. It's a medium to long range weapon. I'm assuming from the general Metal Gear Solid tone that he means specifically marital arts as well, but even so, the weapons that are included in "generalized cqc" are not great at those ranges.

Re: Drake Weiss by ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 08 Aug 2016 18:49

This is pretty dreadfully absurd. Most of the folks have covered the salient points, but I'll emphasize some things.

advanced pilot

Why the hell is the GSG-9 (which I'm not sure even employs combat pilots) letting a Private, the basic "you just showed up" rank, fly helicopters.

and collecting a law degree at 22

Most people don't enter law school until 23 or 24.

he went into law enforcement and was eventually hand chosen to join Germany's elite anti terror organization the GSG9

…in less than five years? …in probably less than one, considering the absurd amount of missions you say he's been on, and the combat skills he has, including whatever an advanced pilot is, which takes years? Without any prior experience?
The things you're saying this guy has done or has learned to do make no sense on even the most generous of timescales.

He was apart of many rescue and hostage situations, leading him to become a renown marksman.

What actually leads you to become a renowned marksman is weapons practice. Hostage crises would teach strategic thinking and negotiation skills.

He would end his career at 25 with 251 missions, 220 hostage situations, 31 plane or terrorist hijackings, with no failures and 153 confirmed kills under his name.

Alright, I'm going to assume it takes up to two years to become skilled enough to join the GSG-9 from law school. This is a patently absurd estimate, as the reality would be far longer, but we'll go with that. That gives him one single year of service in the GSG-9. Which means he's going on approximately 4.12 hostage rescue situations a week. And 31 plane hijackings in a year? I know Germany has an exceedingly unfortunate history with hijacking incidents, but I doubt there is a single person with decades of experience who has experience with anything more than a dozen or so. I am literally unable to do justice to how incredibly ridiculous this is, so I will simply say that it's entirely unworkable on every aspect there and you should pay far, far more attention to what you're writing.
Basically everything, almost the entire backstory, is completely unworkable. As a GM, I would have denied it two sentences in, and it only got more absurd from there.
This character will need a complete reworking and new backstory to even approach feasability, let alone acceptability.

Re: 1st Character by ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 08 Aug 2016 18:35

I'm not attempting to defend his character right now, or anything of the sort, and I know that his grammar may have affected what was understood from what he was saying, but maybe, when he said "Though proficient with CQC, he always had a problem with anything over 275 meters", he meant that his accuracy with rifles was bad when the distance the target is located at is beyond that length. This on its own, however, is very OP, because that would mean the only occasions in which he isn't useful with firearms is at a lengthy distance with a sniler rifle. Just trying to make a point here.

Re: Drake Weiss by TheOtakuArtistTheOtakuArtist, 08 Aug 2016 18:24

Well, crap. This guy and the other guy that recently made a character have several weeks in front of them before they get their characters accepted. Perfect occasion tk crack my knuckles! When they do get accepted (and learn what their doing wrong), I'll appreciate being able to Roleplay with other new people.

Re: 1st Character by TheOtakuArtistTheOtakuArtist, 08 Aug 2016 18:11

The long and short of it is that this dude is pretty unbelievable - not in the good way. Studied law, joined police force, became a Special Forces guy, did an impossible number of missions, all before 25? No.

EDIT: Also, when the hell did this guy become a pilot? While doing all that?? Double no.

Re: 1st Character by Tuomey TombstoneTuomey Tombstone, 08 Aug 2016 17:50

Background: At age 8, Drake had developed an extreme interest in military and scientific pursuits, but later learned scientists weren't allowed in the military.

That's wrong. Blatantly wrong.

During which, he helped three wounded soldiers to cover, came in first in most of the races in his unit

He took four years to help three dudes to cover? Wow. Just say he got a medal if you want him to have a medal. Coming in first in PT probably isn't the biggest deal but might get you some kind of minor award, I don't know.

promoted to Private First Class before deciding to stay that rank.

This is dumb. From wikipedia:

In the United States Army, recruits usually enter service as a private, in pay grade E-1. Private (E-2), designated by a single chevron, is typically an automatic promotion after six months of service, or for those who have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts or have been awarded the Girl Scout Gold Award in the Girl Scouts of the USA, or have completed 30 semester units of college courses.

If he was in the military, that's fine. Mention exit rank, any awards, his MOS. Just do a little research into the things you're trying to say because right now it comes off as kinda bad.

Re: Drake Weiss by Tuomey TombstoneTuomey Tombstone, 08 Aug 2016 17:13

This sounds like a video game character.
Very in-depth stuff:

This is a jumbled together list of cliches to make a dude "cool military dude" without any basic understanding of the facets involved (I'm very much a layman and not a military enthusiast and I was able to spot all those problems). The character has no actual depth beyond "fights good, will presumably keep fightin' good", and that will be absolutely fatal for a good RP character. While I agree with Zyn that this is technically workable, it'd require such heavy alterations that it'd be unrecognizable.
Re: Drake Weiss by ProcyonLotorProcyonLotor, 08 Aug 2016 17:02
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