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Started by: Tubbsy1994Tubbsy1994
Date: 20 Feb 2014 17:18
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GM'ed with a chance of death depending on the reason you came to the workshop and what you want creating, along with how close you get to the Mechanical Devices and the 3D printer... Anyway, Welcome to wonderland gentlemen, where our yellow brick road is paved with blood, sweat and traces of Isotope 243AM. Egg head researcher dreams something up but cant arsed to figure out the logistics? We are the guys for the job! A Containment Specialist needs a set of 4 walls to stop an SCP from ripping him and Site-19 a gaping new [REDACTED]? Give us a call! Squeaky office door? I'm your guy! The Mechanical Engineering department is open to everyone and everything, just be sure you have a good reason to be there time is money after all. The Workshop is open to Experimentation to Containment Cell fabrication and everything in-between. Each new request and/or experiment should start with a new thread, other people may enter these threads as they please.
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