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Started by: ReillyadoctorReillyadoctor
Date: 09 Feb 2014 16:45
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Had a close encounter with SCP-███? Gun missfire ended with a bullet in your foot? Or mabey you just cut your arm on some rusty metal. Whatever the case, come see Dr. Joshua Reilly and we'll see what we can do... or not! (GM'ed, everyone gets their own thread, don't interupt someone elses scene, everyone is allowed to RP, small chance of death, obviously if you come infected with an uncurable SCP that causes you explode I probably won't be able to treat you, don't come in infected with anything like SCP-008 or any other SCP that makes you go on a murderous rampage, you dont have to be infected by an SCP it can be any injury, please only use SCPs that are on the SCP Foundation website, put a link to your character when you start your thread, I don't have SCP-500)
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