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Started by: BioScienceSCPBioScienceSCP
Date: 08 Oct 2015 14:03
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In a specific universe Foundation members found a way to contain all the SCPs in a single Facility with complex technology and modified Special Containment Procedures. There hasn't been a single containment breach in years and unfortunately personnel have relaxed a bit to much. A single person from the Chaos Insurgency has snuck in and breached SCP-079 into the whole foundation database. A few personnel of Classes B-D have found themselves stuck inside the Facility. Can they find a way to escape or at least contain the escaped SCPs with as little casualties as possible? NSFW/Smut NSFW/Violence NSFW/Sexual Content(No Pictures and only used for romance only) Semi-GM(BioScienceSCP will be using GM for Game Master purposes as to move the story along)
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