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For threads and RPs that take place on a Foundation Site. Make sure to mention which one! Open to any RPs, GM'ed, or not.
1378640by TheOtakuArtistTheOtakuArtist
07 Aug 2016 17:54Jump!
For RPs that take place ... in the Field. Make sure to mention where in the topic! Open to any RPs, GM'ed or not!
422666by ZynZyn
04 Aug 2015 05:27Jump!
Guided RP. Casual RP allowed without GM. Exploration only allowed by GM thread.
4409by TaaargetTaaarget
23 Feb 2015 16:19Jump!
Head quarters of the Serpents Hand.
4195by LTaruLTaru
21 Aug 2016 13:28Jump!
The home office of the Unusual Incidents Unit
3124by DomotoroDomotoro
29 Mar 2014 01:48Jump!
Marshall, Carter and Dark have several very exclusive members only clubs about the world.
239by Tubbsy1994Tubbsy1994
06 May 2014 11:48Jump!
Read the top post first!
32913by Agent SchismAgent Schism
24 Mar 2014 15:11Jump!
For everything that occurs in non regular SCP Universe.
232116by BioScienceSCPBioScienceSCP
16 Nov 2015 03:44Jump!
Out of Character
All your OOC needs.
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General chit chat.
41700by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
17 Sep 2016 06:40Jump!
What it says on the tin. If you've got something you want to say/suggest/complain about regarding site structure or policy, say it here.
23476by ZynZyn
13 Apr 2016 22:23Jump!
For constructive criticisms of plots, characters, and roleplaying. Characters are approved here. NEW MEMBERS, READ THIS:
3463229by ZynZyn
15 Oct 2016 06:31Jump!
Have an idea for a character, roleplay scenario, or something else that you'd like opinions on before you write it up? Want to develop someone before going to concrit? Discuss and develop here.
38291by ZynZyn
15 Apr 2016 18:58Jump!
Can't find a page you made? Confused about something on the site? Ask your general questions here.
39218by ZynZyn
29 Jun 2016 18:51Jump!

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