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For everything that occurs in non regular SCP Universe.
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In the year 3045, the SCP Foundation decided that with the advent of interstellar travel and potential colonization of other planets that it would be more feasible to relocate several SCPs onto highly specialized orbiting stations in geosynchronous orbit over planets not feasible for human explotation. This lead to the creation of Orbital Containment Sites or (OCS) capable of storing dozens of SCP's away from the Earth. However one of those sites have gone dark. You have been sent in to investigate why. GM'ed half-guided half interactive RP. See you on the other side.
by: EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
14 Oct 2014 01:49
78 by BioScienceSCPBioScienceSCP
16 Nov 2015 03:44 Jump!
In a specific universe Foundation members found a way to contain all the SCPs in a single Facility with complex technology and modified Special Containment Procedures. There hasn't been a single containment breach in years and unfortunately personnel have relaxed a bit to much. A single person from the Chaos Insurgency has snuck in and breached SCP-079 into the whole foundation database. A few personnel of Classes B-D have found themselves stuck inside the Facility. Can they find a way to escape or at least contain the escaped SCPs with as little casualties as possible? NSFW/Smut NSFW/Violence NSFW/Sexual Content(No Pictures and only used for romance only) Semi-GM(BioScienceSCP will be using GM for Game Master purposes as to move the story along)
by: BioScienceSCPBioScienceSCP
08 Oct 2015 14:03
Casual Guided RP. GM'ed. My dear members, you have all endured so much these years in a new world order of flesh and senselessness. You have experienced sorrow, destitution, despair and hope... Hope in a tomorrow that is getting better where the horror can pass. The road we walk now is dangerous, confusing full of wrong turns with no guidance. But I believe you made it this far because you cherish what many of us have discarded. Hope is such a wonderful thing...
by: EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
11 Jun 2014 04:51
103 by TaaargetTaaarget
17 Apr 2015 16:43 Jump!
Prequel thread to the Federation Games thread. Inspired by Half-life 2 in some aspects. GM'ed. Everything and everyone welcome. Set in a dystopian future where all individuals are regulated under the "I" government. You try to make sense of a world ravaged by civil unrest and rampant environmental damage. Semi-casual Guided RP. Beware the "I"s are watching you.
by: EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
29 Jul 2014 05:13
216 by ZioniausZioniaus
11 Feb 2015 10:17 Jump!
Why don't you give yourself a round.
by: Wilhelm KlinkWilhelm Klink
04 Jan 2015 17:21
4 by ZioniausZioniaus
24 Jan 2015 10:55 Jump!
Ever wondered why the SCP Foundation looked bigger on the inside than the outside?
by: BioScienceSCPBioScienceSCP
08 Dec 2014 13:55
2 by ZynZyn
08 Dec 2014 16:16 Jump!
Thread locked.
by: BioScienceSCPBioScienceSCP
05 Dec 2014 15:17
2 by ZynZyn
06 Dec 2014 01:32 Jump!
5 years ago, in a universe where the Chaos Insurgency has prevailed over The Foundation: destroying many of it's research sites and executing much of it's personnel. The Foundation wages an impossible war against the CI, yet, with all of their assets The Foundation is dying. In light of the threat, all Foundation personnel have been outfitted for immediate combat with only a select few continuing the precious research and containment that has protected the world for so long. Semi-guided RP for Foundation and CI characters only, one thread per person. Choose where in the world you want to be, what's happening and what you are doing about it. This is my first guided RP, so it might be experimental and have some issues to start with. Lots of swearing, violence and death - ENTER AT OWN RISK.
by: TaaargetTaaarget
14 Sep 2014 23:58
37 by TaaargetTaaarget
16 Nov 2014 15:47 Jump!
Casual Guided RP. GM'ed. Set in an otherworldly dimension within a book. You get to choose the the area. No death no NSFW however this is meant to be a fun and cheerful RP for all to enjoy. This is of course my first time trying this out but that's the fun in it.
by: EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
06 Apr 2014 02:29
2 by Doctor HalseyDoctor Halsey
27 Oct 2014 20:26 Jump!
NSFW/Smut/Violence. All SCPs have breached! Items have been moved and Creatures are roaming, Can we contain them all?
by: BioScienceSCPBioScienceSCP
21 Oct 2014 12:55
33 by RagretsRagrets
23 Oct 2014 12:43 Jump!
Quentin decides to get a drink from 294. Let's see what we create from that. Open to anyone (NSFW).
by: BioScienceSCPBioScienceSCP
21 Oct 2014 01:21
35 by ZynZyn
23 Oct 2014 01:53 Jump!
The last thing you remember is everything flashing bright and going dark as you burn in atomic fire, and a split-second later, you wake up in a pod.- casual, Non-GM’d RP about life in the only safe place left on Earth.
by: Doctor W WhiteDoctor W White
13 Aug 2014 07:48
4 by (account deleted)
24 Sep 2014 11:40 Jump!
Welcome pranksters, tricksters, jesters, and overall jerks. This is the great prank war based on Dr. Bright's 'Senior Staff Shenanigans'. Your goal is simple, be the last person holding SCP-050 to win. For the rules and links to 050 and Dr. Bright's tale, read the first post. NOTICE: THERE IS A REASON THIS IS IN ALT. UNIVERSE. This is purely LOLFoundation and so is frowned upon in the more serious threads. If you don't read the rules then you will not be able to compete.
by: Dr TallDr Tall
24 Jul 2014 07:52
Casual Guided RP. GM'ed. 20 years later, the horror of what humankind has yet to endure is now reality: SCP-610 has emerged and escaped from it's exclusion zone and now much of the Earth is now engulfed in the Flesh that hates. You are now stranded in this Earth covered by red and full of shambling infected. Everyone's can band together as a team or go solo (you can choose) and can choose which location they wish to start in. Everyone and everything is welcome here. Beware the infected, for one touch and your on borrowed time lest you give in to the hatred of the new world awaiting you. Clues from the past in the hands of the present for our future and the Earth's future is in your hands.
by: EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
25 Mar 2014 03:51
325 by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
13 Jul 2014 22:12 Jump!
Possible NSFW (Violence), Combat possible, Chance of Death: Medium-low, GM'ed. Needing up to 10 people max. 5 ppl minimum. Foundation member only. Players can have up to 10 items in their inventory to bring. GM'ed by Lyoko99999.
by: Lyoko99999Lyoko99999
24 Mar 2014 18:52
161 by HessianHessian
28 May 2014 13:13 Jump!
A world after a restructuring event where crazy, disjointed logic rules. Chance of death determined by the bread tzar of Cleveland. Try to have fun with it, the radioative gecko that lives in my coffee maker demands willing and passive compliance.
by: Wilhelm KlinkWilhelm Klink
22 Mar 2014 09:11
73 by kreutzkevickreutzkevic
27 May 2014 13:16 Jump!
Continued from the " [Life is a Carnival] thread Summary: GM'ed somewhat guided role play. (Chances of death medium) this is the alternate universe where you find yourself inside what remains of the abandoned town as well as the area inside SCP-823. Though in canon it will outright kill you here I decided it won't so feel free to live as long as possible Also SCP-993 will also appear in this universe so keep your eyes and toes ready. No NSFW and enjoy your stay,cause you may never want to leave.
by: EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
30 Mar 2014 01:27
25 by Loiterer87Loiterer87
02 May 2014 21:44 Jump!
A world where we dispose of things by shooting them into the sun. No chance of death, semi gmed if you throw something crazy into the sun. Try to have fun with it. "Into the fiery orb with ye."
by: Wilhelm KlinkWilhelm Klink
07 Apr 2014 02:28
This thread takes place in the Broken Masquerade version of the SCP universe. The U.S. Senate has begun an investigation looking into the Foundation's activities. This is not limited only to Foundation characters - all characters with knowledge of the Foundation are welcome, as long as the Senate would have a reason to summon them. No anomalous individuals/objects. GM'd single person threads. No chance of death. Unless you try something phenomenally idiotic. You MUST swear the oath in your first post. Each player controls their character and can optionally control a legal council - yes, you can have a lawyer, as long as you DON'T RP with yourself. This RP will have lots of questions aimed at your character. Some of them may be very to-the-point. That's just how hearings are sometimes. Oh, one more thing - while you're free to say anything you want in these hearings, just remember that the Senate now has access to quite a few details about the Foundation. And perjury is a serious crime.
by: Willfred WallaceWillfred Wallace
05 Mar 2014 02:15
97 by Willfred WallaceWillfred Wallace
02 Apr 2014 22:08 Jump!
GM'ed somewhat guided role play. (Chances of death medium) this is the alternate universe where you find yourself inside what remains of the abandoned town as well as the area inside SCP-823. Though in canon it will outright kill you here I decided it won't so feel free to live as long as possible Also SCP-993 will also appear in this universe so keep your eyes and toes ready. No NSFW and enjoy your stay,cause you may never want to leave.
by: EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
23 Feb 2014 00:43
860 by ZynZyn
30 Mar 2014 03:22 Jump!
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