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For RPs that take place ... in the Field. Make sure to mention where in the topic! Open to any RPs, GM'ed or not!
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Well I thought why not? This could be fun to make and for all members here not just Foundation characters to join in and add to the fun! Somewhat GMe'd No NSFW and no Death. Everyone and everything is allowed here.
by: EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
20 Apr 2014 05:50
4 by Deffdredd1703Deffdredd1703
21 Apr 2014 23:26 Jump!
Possible anomaly detected, All GOI have been notified. Has rules, looking for overseers. Chance of Death: Med-High (depends on how dangerous you want to go) Choose your own inventory. Only one way out. Agent Schism is GM.
by: Agent SchismAgent Schism
09 Feb 2014 07:20
31 by Agent SchismAgent Schism
12 Apr 2014 14:32 Jump!
(You automatically receive a Level 4 key-card upon joining.) We have an Environmental Complex for other people to freely explore and RP in while still complying with the SCP RP site rules. This is the RP arena FOR EVERYONE TO explore what the Green Meadows facility would look like. GM will be granted to those which the BioDtect Core deems deserving of. Have fun! Chances of death: Medium
by: EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
25 Jan 2014 07:49
127 by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
04 Apr 2014 21:05 Jump!
Come and speak to the internal council of Black Phoenix. GM'd, Each person gets their own thread. Nobody sees what is happening in other threads. Low to medium chance of death.
by: Baldur UudanBaldur Uudan
26 Feb 2014 04:11
21 by HuulktyaHuulktya
02 Apr 2014 21:40 Jump!
Continuation from 106 Containment Breach Thread on the On-Site.
by: Dr TallDr Tall
06 Feb 2014 00:50
122 by SodaEnthusiastSodaEnthusiast
12 Mar 2014 17:36 Jump!
Central location of the Library. Primarily Serpent's Hand or unaffiliated characters, but anyone that can find a Way here is welcome. No death, per the Docents
by: DrewbearDrewbear
10 Jan 2014 18:25
193 by Dr TallDr Tall
10 Mar 2014 04:37 Jump!
GM'd. PM the active GM to play. Anyone is welcome
by: HuulktyaHuulktya
15 Jan 2014 05:35
197 by SodaEnthusiastSodaEnthusiast
09 Mar 2014 17:20 Jump!
Welcome to the BSCA Anomaly Report Center! Are you a Foundation mailman, sent to The BSCA to give them a task? An angry Swede, whose meatballs imploded into chickens? Does your backyard feature a wormhole to a universe made from poison chocolate? Is the keter loose in your potato field? Are you drunk? The BSCA will take care of any of these issues! Of course, after verification that these issues //exist//. ((Minor chance of death if you report a fake anomaly. Ain't nobody got time for dat.))
by: HankolijoHankolijo
25 Feb 2014 16:30
22 by HankolijoHankolijo
06 Mar 2014 13:09 Jump!
Are you tired of being an SCP? Do you wish you could share your feelings with others? Come join our group!
by: ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish
25 Feb 2014 11:56
24 by DrVividDrVivid
04 Mar 2014 00:41 Jump!
SCPs on the loose. Foundation agents/soldiers are trying to catch them, but there are CI agents/soldiers too. (open to any soldier-agent/scp) Have fun!
by: Jay BJay B
03 Feb 2014 00:44
20 by SodaEnthusiastSodaEnthusiast
03 Mar 2014 18:39 Jump!
An Anti-Foundation Group site. Under cover Foundation's Agents and Doctors here for investigations, terminating the Group and recovering of any SCP activity. (open to any agent/doc/scp)
by: Jay BJay B
28 Jan 2014 00:57
148 by Jay BJay B
27 Feb 2014 12:20 Jump!
by: jasonyutjasonyut
07 Feb 2014 16:42
5 by SodaEnthusiastSodaEnthusiast
26 Feb 2014 03:06 Jump!
Embark on Project Stardust, an ambitious and dangerous attempt to observe SCP-1959 up close and personal. Lead by Doctor Gerald Ingraham.You can hop right in as a D-Class or scientist.
by: doctorgeedoctorgee
25 Feb 2014 23:46
Mobile Task Force Beta 1 ("Cauterizers") has identified a major base of the anti-federation group "The Chaos Insurgency" and, at the order of O5, have sent in Mobile Task Force Papa-12 ("Odin's Hand") with the task of eliminating the base and recovering any possible SCP's that may be housed there. GM'd, high chance of death, and open to mostly MTF personnel (but if you can find a valid reason for you to play a doctor or SCP then you may do so.)
by: Baldur UudanBaldur Uudan
13 Feb 2014 18:20
65 by (account deleted)
25 Feb 2014 04:50 Jump!
Many complaints of a stalker comes from the Homestead area, and some who filed In are now suffering from many mental illnesses Including A.D.D, Insomnia, Post Dramatic Stress Disorder, Schizophrenia, and bipolarism. Agents have been sent to investigate for any SCP's in the area.. Open. Nsfw/Violence. Moderate chance of death.
by: TheProjectexeTheProjectexe
21 Jan 2014 21:59
10 by SodaEnthusiastSodaEnthusiast
25 Feb 2014 04:24 Jump!
Looks like some of the zombie virus broke containment. How...sad? (GM'd, Foundation and UIU only, Medium chance of death)
by: DevereauxDevereaux
19 Feb 2014 17:37
10 by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
22 Feb 2014 20:13 Jump!
Place in cores mind he goes when meditating anyone meditating with him go's to the garden of shadows no chance of death
by: Lunar dragonLunar dragon
14 Feb 2014 18:29
7 by CrayneCrayne
18 Feb 2014 18:50 Jump!
Open to anyone. Zero chance of death, as it's set within a dream.
by: RandominiRandomini
10 Jan 2014 13:13
96 by Loiterer87Loiterer87
13 Feb 2014 00:30 Jump!
SCP-1128 has gotten too close to civilians I and 7 others have been assigned to get it away from the populace. Combat likely, death a maybe. - Snake Eyes
by: RyanJH66RyanJH66
03 Feb 2014 23:45
A maximum security laboratory located somewhere in Siberia. Which does not possess SCPs makes it safe for Agents/Doctors and rest of the SCP staff. If some one commits crime here is terminated or expelled from the Lab. everyone can have guns FOR HIS PROTECTION not to kill people. No SCP would be shot. possess 3 floors (Cafeteria,Labs,Restrooms). you gain immunity of clerenace level. Everyone here is treated by equal.
by: Vladimir Dima IvanovVladimir Dima Ivanov
30 Jan 2014 04:27
2 by DevereauxDevereaux
30 Jan 2014 05:47 Jump!
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