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For threads and RPs that take place on a Foundation Site. Make sure to mention which one! Open to any RPs, GM'ed, or not.
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The housing area for all Site-19 Class-D personnel, with an extremely high amount of hallways, and two dozen Class-D cells per corridor. Basically an area where Class-D players spend their time when they aren't being used as lab monkeys by Researchers. Also a place to converse with my character. No GM, very low chance of death (You decide to let open an angered Class-D).
by: TheOtakuArtistTheOtakuArtist
06 Aug 2016 07:50
3 by TheOtakuArtistTheOtakuArtist
07 Aug 2016 17:54 Jump!
Meet my character and talk while at a Site-19 labwarming party. No chance of death or GM.
by: TaffetaTaffeta
10 May 2016 03:21
9 by TaaargetTaaarget
21 Jun 2016 23:15 Jump!
SCP-008 has breached containment, and you're trapped on a monorail! What will you do? Light GM, low chance of death or infection. Combat involved, obviously.
by: (account deleted)
05 Feb 2016 22:09
83 by TaaargetTaaarget
08 Apr 2016 20:17 Jump!
Take a load off for a little bit. Have a coffee, some donuts, whatever. The purpose of this thread is mainly to get my new character acquainted with some of yours. No GM.
by: (account deleted)
30 Jan 2016 05:55
33 by 5crownik0075crownik007
25 Mar 2016 09:24 Jump!
No chance of death (not for your SCP universe character, anyway). Bring snacks if you want- the DM (Dungeon Master) provides only cheez-its and ginger ale.
by: l33trl33tr
18 Dec 2015 04:35
GM'ed, no death. Chat with the Kiryu lab's head assistant and/or a Safe SCP researcher. Snacks provided. Pick one character or both to talk to; everyone gets their own thread to keep things easy to follow. Sort of a carry-on from this thread: http://scp-rp.wikidot.com/forum/t-768379/site-19-research-floor-2-kiryu-lab
by: ZynZyn
01 Feb 2014 06:30
188 by ZynZyn
15 Dec 2015 04:51 Jump!
GM'ed, no chance of death, Foundation researchers only, please. Laid-back. See if you're good material for testing anomalous objects, or maybe a candidate for appearance in a tale. Clarifications: We're in a lab, not an office, and everyone has their own thread. Timeline is just posting order, so threads that occur earlier will translate to events having occurred earlier in the day.
by: ZynZyn
27 Jan 2014 06:43
209 by l33trl33tr
27 Nov 2015 13:03 Jump!
PLEASE READ THE FIRST POST. GM'ed, no chance of death. Come test out anomalous items with associates of the Kiryu labs. Continuation of two other threads.
by: ZynZyn
27 Feb 2014 07:23
67 by ZynZyn
26 Nov 2015 00:47 Jump!
by: Puck DanielsPuck Daniels
04 Nov 2015 05:30
GMed, no chance of death in the prelim stage. Foundation personnel, any department, are welcome. This is a required stage before the field assignment at the castle.
by: ZynZyn
06 Mar 2015 07:00
58 by ZynZyn
31 Jul 2015 21:35 Jump!
A GM'd CB thread, open to Foundation personnel. Possibility of death. Note: Please keep all OOC notes to the Threadmaker section at the bottom.
by: ChrisAKAPiefishChrisAKAPiefish
29 Jan 2014 10:39
110 by DeniedDanielDeniedDaniel
30 Jun 2015 20:02 Jump!
High chance of death and kidnapping. GMd. If you get sent to the pocket dimension, it is your choice to either end your thread there or try to escape. Gore is highly likely.
by: Dr TallDr Tall
04 Feb 2014 01:28
236 by DeniedDanielDeniedDaniel
30 Jun 2015 20:00 Jump!
Some foundation employees having a chat in the break room of site 28.
by: Raymond FischerRaymond Fischer
24 Feb 2015 17:13
20 by Raymond FischerRaymond Fischer
30 Jun 2015 11:38 Jump!
The break room situated adjacent to the entrances of Engineering, the Medical Wing, and Biological Research. Get your various munchies, talk about work, or just lounge about and relax after a long day of man-handling various boogiemen. No gm, no chance of death.
by: Wilhelm KlinkWilhelm Klink
31 Mar 2014 02:37
217 by Tubbsy1994Tubbsy1994
21 Feb 2015 18:00 Jump!
I never did do a discussion RP with my character so why not. Foundation characters only.
by: Lyoko99999Lyoko99999
19 Feb 2015 04:20
7 by ZynZyn
20 Feb 2015 03:02 Jump!
GMed, visit Dr. Clemenceau in his regular work location of Alsace-Lorraine in France. Discuss chemistry, psychology or any other topic of interest to you. No SCP's character's or characters which haven't been critiqued. No chances of death here enjoy your stay. No you do not need to write French here if you don't want to.
by: EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
19 Mar 2014 23:39
2 by AlexAvengerAlexAvenger
19 Dec 2014 03:43 Jump!
What will man fight for if all resources become bountiful and affordable, unlimited even? We are on the verge of becoming one step closer to this seemingly impossible utopian vision, as The Foundation pace frantically on the edge of one of the worlds most significant scientific breakthroughs imaginable. Power for every site, then every home, ensuring the development of mankind and the security of unlimited energy. Primarily Foundation staff, characters not affiliated with the Foundation need a pretty damb good reason to be here. GMed. Potential Bad Language and Death. Have fun!
by: Tubbsy1994Tubbsy1994
28 Oct 2014 14:39
2 by BioScienceSCPBioScienceSCP
09 Dec 2014 14:13 Jump!
It's time to get serious about our work and make a sensible work area to show what we are dealing with. NSFW/smut/ possible violence. anyone is allowed if you talk about a SCP please link to it just in case someone doesn't know about it, and if you talk about a well known researcher do so as well. NO GM
by: BioScienceSCPBioScienceSCP
23 Oct 2014 03:00
14 by Tubbsy1994Tubbsy1994
28 Oct 2014 14:01 Jump!
Anyone can join! Just be aware that there is a line for lunch, so don't budge people! http://scp-rp.wikidot.com/todd-special-menu
by: IamYurHuzbandIamYurHuzband
27 Sep 2014 00:22
41 by RagretsRagrets
05 Oct 2014 20:28 Jump!
Chat around a water cooler which is well... a watercooler that never runs out. Anything is possible here but know your limits and play within them. You can choose to have your own thread or have others join you.
by: EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
02 May 2014 06:28
331 by EdAWACSdenyYEdAWACSdenyY
03 Oct 2014 21:55 Jump!
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