First Lieutenant - Jackson Matthew Thorn

Character Name: First Lieutenant - Jackson Matthew Thorn

Alias: Jack

Age: 32

Affiliation: SCP Foundation

Clearance: Level 3

Position: Officer in Mobile Task Force Nu-7 (Hammer Down)

Played By: stuka529

Description: A Caucasian man of German and French descent that is around 6’2 and 210 lbs. His eyes are green and his hair is dark brown, shaved short at military regulation length. He possess a long dark scar going along the right side of his face, as the result of a combat engagement in the middle east where a live grenade exploded and sent a piece of fragmented shrapnel through his right cheek.

On duty, his attire consists of the standard Right Red Hand full combat uniform, with a Kevlar vest, bandolier, combat helmet, protective goggles, and a ski mask to cover his face and conceal his identity. His weapons and gear change to match each mission and assignment given to him. But his general loadout will consist one handgun, one assault rifle or combat shotgun, a combat knife, several specialized grenades, a stun baton, and explosive charges.

Background: Jackson Thorn was born in a hospital at Las Vegas, Nevada. Records of his biological parents show that his mother was a prostitute named Jessica Zimmerman and his father was a car mechanic and repeat felon, Jackie Mason. The state saw both Jackie and Jessica as unfit parents and took Jackson to a foster home.

By the age of 6, he was adopted by a childless couple. His new father, Thomas B. Thorn, was a decorated veteran from the gulf war. Having no memories of his original father, he idolized Thomas and aspired to be a war hero like he was.
By the age of 18, he left home to join the U.S. Army. And due to his rather impressive performance in training, he was offered the chance to become an Army Ranger. He gladly accepted the offer and after a few more years of intensive training, had a highly successful military career.

After several years and many successful missions in the Middle East, he found himself being contacted by the SCP Foundation. Being very curious due to the lack of details they gave him, he accepted the offer. Suddenly, he found himself being thrust into a paranormal world that he adjusted surprisingly well too, overtime. He spent one year as a guard for one of the containment facilities, after he received the appreciate training.

After that one year of guard duty, he was recruited into the Hammer Down MLF, after another round of training. Then, after another few years serving the Foundation and helping to complete several important missions, he quickly rose through the ranks and was eventually promoted to First Lieutenant. He currently specializes in tracking down highly dangerous SCPs, giving specialized training to new MTF recruits, and preforming missions against hostile Groups of Interest such as the ORIA, Church of the Broken God, and the Chaos Insurgency.

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