Father of Darkness

Item #: SCP-2049

Object Class: Keter

Played by: Genex Gamma

Local Site Names: Father of Darkness, Dark Daddy, Daddy

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2049 is to be contained at Site 18 within a 4m x 4m x 4m chamber. The chamber is to be continuously filled with electrically charged water. The water's charge is to be four (4) amperes, consistently. Twelve (12) three hundred (300) watt flood lamps are to point into the chamber at all times. Observation panes are to be one-way mirrors, so that SCP-2049 cannot establish direct eye contact with personnel. At no time is the water to be receded, nor the lights disabled.

Description: SCP-2049 is a completely black humanoid figure, resembling nothing more than a shadow. Subject's clothing is of the same coloration. SCP-2049 appears to be dressed in a Reich Regime uniform, complete with peaked cap, belt and boots. Red eyes are the only non-black coloration on SCP-2049's body. SCP-2049 has shown signs of sentience and aggression to any personnel who attempt to approach or communicate with it. When making direct eye contact with any living being, hereby referred to as SCP-2049-1, the viewer becomes subject to chronic depression, nyctophobia, intense paranoia and hypochondria, regardless of previous mindset or health. Exactly twenty-four (24) hours after eye contact, SCP-2049-1's vitals will cease, and the subject will die instantly. The subject will then turn into a shadow-like flame, travel to SCP-2049's current location, and merge with SCP-2049, apparently enhancing its abilities and causing it to physically grow in size. SCP-2049 also has the ability to produce any object it desires. To any observer, it would seem that SCP-2049 is reaching into a shadow and drawing out an object. There are limitations, however, to this ability. SCP-2049, in order to produce an object, must: 1. Know what the object is and what it is capable of, 2. Have seen and touched the object before, 3. Have an express and obvious intent for use of the object. Any and all objects "summoned" by SCP-2049 will appear completely black, as the entity does. When any "summoned" object ceases contact with SCP-2049, said object will turn to shadows and disappear. SCP-2049 is also capable of rapid transportation through shadows. SCP-2049 has shown an intense aversion to strong light (i.e. the sun, flood lamps) and electrical currents.

Addendum 2049-1: [DATA EXPUNGED] terminated [REDACTED] personnel, resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED]. [DATA EXPUNGED] by O5 Command. [DATA EXPUNGED] numerous SCP objects and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The objects lost were first examined and studied by SCP-2049, then were {ERADICATED}.

Addendum 2049-2: On [REDACTED], SCP-2049, when prompted about its origins, responded:

Return my daughter to me,
My daughter of darkness.
Return my daughter to me,
So I can stop her sadness.

Note: Possible relation to SCP-029? We must investigate.

-Dr. Ipsum

Addendum 2049-3: Since [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-2049 has begun to show signs of dormancy in containment, as opposed to thrashing about as before. No research is to be conducted on the topic.

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