Expunged Background of Dr. Cromwell

The following is a more detailed version of Dr. Alistair Cromwell's background history. It may only be accessed by Level 5 personnel or those with explicit permission from the Council. Violation of this restriction will be responded with severe punishment.

Dr. Alistair Cromwell's father worked with the Foundation. The father tended to work at home, and it has been revealed that Dr. Cromwell, at age seven to age 10) sometimes went into his father's office. Dr. Cromwell's father worked in the division responsible for learning the properties of possible SCP. It is due to this that Dr. Cromwell encountered SCP-1356 when he was ten (10). Dr. Cromwell revealed that he was the one to discover the properties of 1356, but his father took the credit as to keep his son out of the debriefing with his superiors. Dr. Cromwell then revealed that since then, his brought home SCPs classified as Safe to show off to him (Note: All of these removal of SCPs were authorized under assumption of continued studying).

Dr. Cromwell said that this continued until his fifteenth year, during the time of Incident 096-1-A. The location of Dr. Cromwell's home during the incident was passed through by SCP-096 during the incident. Nearly everyone viewed the face of 096 during his passing through, leading to multiple SCP-096-01s to be created, and causing a systematic slaughter of the town's population, Dr. Cromwell's family included. It has been confirmed that Dr. Cromwell was the only survivor of the event and was kept out of the clean-up of the Foundation due to Dr. Cromwell's retrieval by a family friend (Note: The family friend, █████ ██████, was interviewed and confirmed to possess no relation to the Foundation and claimed he was to take care of Dr. Cromwell in the case of something happening to the father).

After Dr. Cromwell's transport, it has been shown that he has encountered multiple SCP since then, with rising frequency. The first was with SCP-920. Dr. Cromwell initially tried to help 920 find a convenience store when he went missing for the duration of an entire month when he was returned home after being found across the Atlantic Ocean in █████ , █████ (Dr. Cromwell claims that during the whole time he was with 920, he never saw a large body of water). The next (and possibly most interesting) interaction was SCP-990 (Note: This conversation occurred before the official classification of 990 as an SCP). Dr. Cromwell says 990 forewarned that the 'nightmare' he was would be one he'll never wake up from (Later attempted interviews with 990 reveal that he did talk with Dr. Cromwell when he was ██ years old, but refuses to reveal anything discussed).

During the period of time between the event with SCP-990 and the time Dr. Cromwell joined the Foundation, he encountered at least ten (10) other SCPs (Dr. Cromwell has successfully identified these ten SCPs which will not be disclosed in this file, but it should be noted that Dr. Cromwell possibly encountered SCPs that have not been contained by the Foundation, whether these SCPs are in the possession of other Groups of Interest is unknown). According to Dr. Cromwell, two of these ten encounters almost cost Dr. Cromwell his life and another four (4) were yet to have been contained by the Foundation with the other six (6) to have been spotted during an escape attempt.

These events have been confirmed to be the cause of Dr. Cromwell's current personality and the strong attraction Dr. Cromwell has with SCPs which has been noted to be mutual at times. For more insight into Dr. Cromwell's mental examination, please refer to the report on the profile above this one.

Note: As of orders on ██/██/██ by O5-█ of the Council, this version of Dr. Cromwell's personal history will be expunged from the file and placed under a Level 5 security lock while it is replaced with a version that does not include SCP related events pass Incident 096-1-A.

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