Eléonore Reneau

Real Name: Eléonore Reneau

Alias: Madame Reneau

Affiliation: Are We Cool Yet?

Age & Birthdate: 25, April 21st 1989

Accent: French

Gender: Female

Job: Barista

Position (in AWCY?): Artist

Played by: DrVivid

Facial Features:

Color of Iris: Green

Misc.: Groups of freckles on cheeks. Long-ish eyelashes. Clean face.

History & Relations

Eléonore was born to a small middle-class French family. She lived in a small house near a forest on the outskirts of Lyon. Her father constructed the house with her grandfather, who is now dead. Their family spoke only French. Her mother was a painter creating art in her spare time as she also had to clean, garden, and cook. Her father was a bartender at a small pub near the heart of Lyon, who worked so Eléonore could attend school. Eléonore's father was named Patrick, but her mother called him 'Patrice'. She didn't really know why. Her father hunted, and her mother tended to their small garden near the back of their house. It had a log fence around it. Deer tried to get to the garden and eat it all, so her father created the fence to keep them out.

When Eléonore was seven, she asked her dear parents if she could have a dog. Her father said no. Her mother on the other hand said she would think about it. When Eléonore's mother said that, she would usually mean 'Yes, but it'll be later.' Eléonore, being seven, did not catch onto that yet. So her mother painted her a picture of a dog. A small spotted dog, a mixed breed of a Dalmatian and something else. It was sitting on the top of a hill with a tree beside it; the sky had no clouds and it appeared to be mid-day. She was handed the painting and she inspected it for a long while. The painting seemed to move… the dog was running? She was confused. How could this be real; paintings can't move. She spoke to her mother, asking her what it is. Her mother said, 'It's just art.'

After a while, Eléonore became interested in art and started watching her mother paint during the spare time they had, which was little. She still had to attend school. Her mother taught her painting, the strokes used, and shading. Eléonore enjoyed doing it, and soon her mother taught her 'advanced painting', as she called it. Others would label it as 'Anomalous art'. She was about 10 at the time.

She's now 18- Facing the 'terror' of graduation- taking her Baccalauréat. She finished her time at her lycée, and she got all excited. Wow, already done. That was quick. She'd be ready for the world- Getting a job, getting a husband, maybe. She received the results and- She failed. Fuck.

She's now 19- Facing the 'terror' of graduation- taking her Baccalauréat. She finished her time at her lycée, and she wasn't very excited. Wow, I'm going to fail again. The year took a while. She might be ready for the world- Getting a job, Getting a life, maybe. She finally received the results and- She passed. Yay.

After getting her Baccalauréat, she needed to use it some way. Perhaps go to college? That seemed like a good idea. She applied for many different colleges. Most of them denied her. But one, one accepted her. It was to a smaller college, sure. That's fine. Eléonore decided to pack her bags, which she bought at a store with her remaining money. She packed her clothes and sat down to read the newspaper. 'Le Collage de Montavon est détruit dans un feu!" Shit. That was her college. Oh well. She gave up on the idea of college, and decided to pursue the arts instead of waiting to go to college. Art would be much more fun, anyway.

Eléonore went and looked for a job- She needed one, obviously. She checked the papers, asked around town, and finally went to the pub that her father used to work at. It's no fancy bar, run down, the only customers are just regulars who want to get drunk. Nobody except the owner of the pub remembers her father. She asked if the owner-man knew where she could get a job. He thought. He replied to her, saying 'you could work here, we do need a new bartender'. She had no qualifications. He didn't care, not many people come here anyway. He said it would be easy, and told her to show up tomorrow. Which she did. The man showed her how to be the bartender, 'Not hard', he said. Pouring the beer, the locations of the glasses, how to tell when someone got too drunk. Stuff like that. It was hard for her. She worked there for a while, finally getting enough money for a small apartment, and quit after a few years.

Eléonore Reneau was talking to one of her few friends, Janine. Janine was an older woman, who was originally her mother's friend. Eléonore took a liking to the old lady, and they became fast friends. They were sitting in a coffee shop, Eléonore casually sipping a latte. During the topic of art, which Eléonore adored, Janine mentioned a strange convention of sorts, called "Sommes-Nous Devenus Magnifiques?". She said she was going to go, and asked if Madame Reneau would accompany her. Which she did. And Eléonore was wooed by the art.

Eléonore currently lives in her small apartment in Lyon, working at a coffee shop down the street from her apartment. When not working her shift, she creates art inside of her apartment. Inspired by her mother's work, most are about her past, but some, out of her own thoughts. Over the years she learned to use different mediums, for example, pastels and molding clay. She's currently still learning how to do most of these, but she thinks she has 'mastered' painting. Which you cannot…


She's creative and thinks out of the box. She's not good at making friends. Pretty awkward when speaking for long periods of time. She's intelligent, even though it wouldn't show very well. Eléonore doesn't trust people very easily. She tends to stay away from groups. When she is in groups, she tends to get anxious. She is charismatic. She's claustrophobic. When she does make friends, she gets attached to them. She is physically weak.


Janine Allard - Friends | "Ami de ma mère, old friend, now mine."

'Nobody' - Neutral. | "Heard a story once from Janine. Apparently has a nice hat."

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