Edgar Arne

Played By: Atrament

Character Name: Edgar Arne
Aliases: "The Courier"
Position: Serpent's Hand member, larcenist, smuggler

Description: Edgar stands at 5'10" (177.8 cm), and is considered by many to be both handsome and cultured. He weighs at around 170 lbs (77kg). In his mid thirties, he has dark brown hair which is often styled in a medium-length quiff, has smooth pale skin, and in addition to his dimples and almost-straight teeth, allow him to pass as someone considerably younger than he actually is. Sometimes, he grows his hair out a bit more, become a short-sides-and-back style of haircut, and might sport a rough-shaven beard. His body bears numerous scars, most of them minor scratches that have faded.

He usually wears a one-button black jacket with an open white cotton shirt, and with matching dark wool pants to boot. He wears Oxford-esque black leather shoes and black leather gloves as he was once told that it would make his figure more imposing and cold. When on an assignment which he deems necessary to blend in, he will wear whatever is commonplace to the area.

Background: A well-versed member of the Serpent's Hand, he is one to generally keep to his own devices but is known to have some form of social interaction with his colleagues. An member of an international black market ring, he had been taught with the skill set comparable to that of a paramilitary intelligence officer. His role as a larcenist and smuggler expanded when he came into contact with many anomalous objects, the abilities of which Edgar could not understand. The discovery of a doorway to the Wanderers' Library in an unused area of the group's warehouse in France, and his subsequent curiosity with anomalous objects introduced to him have led to his joining of the Serpent's Hand and use of items of interest to himself. His skills learnt as a larcenist have allowed him to take items of interest with ease and his contacts and skills as a smuggler have allowed him to bring them back to the Library without query.

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