Dr. Calla Tamael

Character Name: Dr. Calla Tamael

Aliases: None.

Played by: chivewarrior

Background: Ph.D. in Psychology, basic combat training. Slight natural resistance to psychic/memetic effects (ie, can sometimes hold it together long enough to get out of range of the whatever; this isn't strong enough to enable going toe-to-toe with them).

Position: Currently serves on the Ethics Committee, traveling from site to site and evaluating projects. Before that conducted psych evals of personnel at Site-19.

Physical description: Tall, willowy, and blonde— looks like she'd break if you touched her too hard. Extremely pale, to the point of looking unhealthy. Blue eyes. Invariably dressed entirely in various shades of green unless dealing with an SCP that requires otherwise. She has a small tattoo of an angel on the back of her left hand, and a black teardrop tattoo near her left eye, which is usually covered with makeup while on duty. Scars all over her torso, but none that aren't usually covered by clothing.

Age: 34

Personal History: Remarkably closemouthed about her early life; all she's mentioned is that she was a scholarship student to get her education, though she's astonishingly familiar with firearms for someone who has never been through any official training that the Foundation has a record of. Soon after her clinical training was finished an SCP was discovered at her workplace and she figured out something weird was going on even when her co-workers dismissed it. Her attempts to figure it out by bringing in the local paranormal investigation team brought it to the Foundation's attention, but by then she had already seen too much and was offered a choice between taking an amnesiac and joining the Foundation. She chose to join up, putting her training to use conducting psych evals. It was discovered that she had a hair-trigger response to being startled and would react by attempting to injure whoever had startled her, and so she was given basic combat training in an attempt to retrain this reflex. The training muted it substantially, though it is still better to get her attention before entering her workspaces.

She was forcibly promoted to the Ethics Committee a few years later. She is still new to the Ethics Committee, and not at all pleased about being on it given how ineffectual the entire Foundation sees it as. Despite this, she is determined to do her best, and is very focused on her work. When not discussing specifically work-related things, she's usually discussing academic psychological research or firearms.

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