Dr. Chris

Character Name: Chris Bilin

Played by: DrRoll

Affiliation: The Foundation.

Aliases: Zero. 0. Crow Man.

Position: Researcher of Anomalous Objects, Clearance Level 3.

Description: A Caucasian man, 28, rather physically unremarkable: Average height and semi-heavy build (5'6", 170lb), short black hair, brown eyes behind square-framed glasses, a pointy nose, and a face that normally has a dull look on it. He appears to have a single scar on his nose, it seems to be roughly healed. His dress style is not noteworthy, It consists of a black suit and red tie.

Background: Zero's early life was semi-normal: Middle-class Southern upbringing, close family life, good schooling, and a few hobbies. He always had a interest in technology. In college, his interest in technology grew as he took classes in Computer Applications, Computer operations and security, and Operating systems. During a period of looking for a job, he found that the Foundation needed a technician. He rushed into the job as soon as possible.

Skills & Assets:

  • Expert technician
  • Good with general history of technology.
  • Good at designing technology as simple as a fan or as complex as a computer.
  • knows a few self-defense techniques

Personality: Chris is and always has been a bit dull, not that he use the word to describe himself, he would call himself "Neutral". He gets very excited when someone needs help with computers/they need him to design a new piece of technology. He normally is happy in The Foundation. He loves the technology-based SCPS, but he can understand why they must be kept under locks.

He normally hates fighting unless it is necessary, like containing some SCPS. He also hates people who treat everyone else like dirt.

Relationships: He normally doesn't have a strong option about anyone, besides the O5s. He sees the O5s in a very positive light, compared to other researches.

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