Zadok Barron

Name: Zadok Barron

Aliases: Z, Z.B., Baron Z

Played by: Zioniaus

Position: Level 3 Research Assistant, specializes in Psychology; Zadok's work with the Foundation usually consists of psychological analysis of sentient SCP objects, as well as a few other types of testing.


Height: 6'5
Build: Sturdy
Age: 37
Physical Features: Zadok Barron is Caucasian with striking blue eyes, medium length brown hair down to below his ears and usually has either no facial hair or 5 o'clock shadow, he also usually has a smirk on his face, he has a somewhat muscular build, and has recently become quite a bit thinner, his tall and lanky frame now enunciated by his lack of fat. Usually seen wearing a long white lab coat with a dark T-shirt with dark blue under armour heavy jeans. He also wears black U.S. army combat boots purchased from a surplus store that have served him well for many years, and black thin-rimmed glasses. Outside of the labs, or in potentially dangerous tests, he often carries an M7 bayonet, given to him when he was a teenager by his father, as well as a a kukri he has recently purchased.


Background: Zadok was born in Israel and moved with his parents (an American soldier who fell in love on holiday and a local Israeli woman) to Los Angeles at seven, at fourteen Zadok's mother died in a freak accident; crushed by falling masonry while walking past a building site. While Zadok was growing up, his father, being lonely and needing some sort of routine at home, taught Zadok basic survival and fighting skills including how to use the bayonet he gave him as well as some basic boxing and Krav Maga which he learned from his time in the military from friends, at twenty-four Zadok's father died of a heart attack. At the age of 32 Zadok graduated from University with a Masters degree in Psychology.

Soon after obtaining his degree, Zadok was hired by a local school for troubled teens as a school psychologist. He worked there for about one year before deciding that it was not the job for him, and quit his job. Zadok started searching for a more interesting life while working alongside some of his psychologist co-workers and writing articles about psychology for papers and magazines, including a very interesting article on Wendigo Syndrome. Motivated by the insight this article provided, the Foundation sent an agent to see Zadok. Approached by the agent with a proposition and having no interesting alternative, Zadok went with the agent. He was entranced by the idea of working with the Foundation and eagerly accepted the position offered to him, to help with his work at the Foundation he has recently purchased a ghurka kukri.

Personality: Zadok is a friendly man, very relaxed and slightly awkward, (usually) harmless in nature and quite talkative. Zadok's mindset changes radically when time comes to work or when his fuse finally burns out, maintaining his friendly demeanour yet becoming very serious when in work, or turning into a quiet, furious creature until he regains control over himself and often apologises profusely. Zadok is also has mild ADHD and has cigarettes, mints and gum on him wherever he goes to stop himself from fiddling with random things, he also has medication for use when in labs. He is also a drinker with a good ability to hold his water, and an avid flirter, often playfully flirting with other SCP staff members, with no real aim when feeling playful or mischievous, this flirting bears mixed results although he has learned how to tame his awkwardness quite effectively.

Interests: Zadok is extremely passionate about his work and loves experimenting, as so that he will often bypass other activities in order to continue his studies, because of this Zadok has has learned to cope with little sleep and now rarely needs any, when Zadok does partake in activities outside of work they usually consist of reading fantasy novels and studying SCPs, and although Zadok is always hoping this will get him extra pay, his real reason for doing it is his intense interest in the strange objects, as well as reading, Zadok also loves simply sitting or lying down and listening to music, his tastes in music rest mostly between rock and metal, although he is often partial to classical music.

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