Dr. Zachary Douglas

Character Name: Zachary Douglas

Played By: Spielnacht

Position: Researcher at Site 19, focusing on anomalous diseases and chemicals. Had the same job at Site 23 before being transferred.

Background: Born in London.

Academic Qualifications: Majors in Virology and Toxicology

Other Skills: Plays jazz and ragtime piano.

Appearance: Pale skin, short black hair, blue eyes, about 6 ft 2 in, and glasses with rectangular frames. Looks like he's about thirty. He has recently obtained his first new lab coat since he started working here.

Other: No one is exactly sure what he keeps in his lower left desk drawer, but the bio-hazard symbol painted on it doesn't leave much to the imagination…

Personality: Serious when it is required, but also enjoys practical jokes. Sometimes has memory lapses for no apparent reason, which is why he's not quite sure how old he is.

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