Dr. Zachariah Cassum

Character Name: Dr Zachariah Cassum
Aliases: Dr. Cassum, Zach, Cass
Clearance: Level 2
Position: Researcher
Played By: Absolute Zero

Description: Doctor Zachariah Cassum is a 32-year-old Caucasian male of English descent. He stands at 5'11, with blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. He appears skinny but is quite physically capable, although no more than is average. Rarely out of his lab coat, Dr. Cassum tends to slip into the background, drawing little to no attention to himself.

As an experimental physicist, Dr. Cassum's purpose is to design and perform experiments to test how anomalous objects fare when exposed to certain stimuli (e.g. extreme temperature, high pressure, etc.). As a level 2 researcher, Dr. Cassum has minimal interaction with SCP objects, and as such his job is mainly centred around testing the exact properties of anomalous items that do not merit SCP classification.

Personality: Doctor Cassum is knowledgeable in numerous subjects, and enjoys learning new things. He will often actively seek out new knowledge, spending his free time researching interesting topics and reading books on a variety of subjects. He is devoted to his work, putting great amounts of effort into his studies and experiments.

While Dr. Cassum is well-taught in various fields, he is somewhat lost when it comes to other people. Often described as socially awkward, he is uncomfortable in social situations and tends to avoid them whenever possible. He is oblivious when it comes to things like body language, facial expressions, and sarcasm, which tends to hinder him during social interactions as he is incapable of understanding what the other person is thinking. He is determined to improve himself however, and can often be seen reading such publications as 'Interpersonal Behaviour: Psychology Of Social Interaction', 'Social Psychology: Understanding Human Interaction', and in one case, 'Social Skills for Dummies'. Despite his social ineptitude, Dr Cassum has shown himself to be a kind and friendly person in situations he is comfortable in.

Some members of personnel have taken to calling him ‘Cass’, a shortened version of his last name Cassum. He detests this nickname quite vehemently, and the use of it irks him greatly. The other personnel are aware of this, and this is generally the reason they call him it in the first place.

Background: Due to his tendency to avoid interaction with others, Zachariah's early life was largely uneventful, and made his way through Oxford University without making too much of a splash. He was eventually noticed by the Foundation for his track record with his experiments, coupled with his notably above-average IQ and propensity for learning, and was offered a place as a researcher.

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