Name: Tsuji Wright

Aliases: Dr.Wright, "Ultimate Gamer", Mr.Right

Description: A dark skinned man in his 50s. Mostly seen in his white lab coat.

Abilities: He is a scientist at the foundation that is like most other level 2 scientists the only difference is a small gadget made on the back of his hand. The gadget allows him to change his views on the real world literally. He likes to say that it allows him to see the world in "different video game graphics" as he would say, earning his name "Ultimate Gamer". His goggles which he is rarely seen without are connected to the gadget and also can be used for certain testing.

Background: Dr.Wright grew up in [DATA REDACTED] his family was starving. Most of his family starved to death and he survived and Tsuji found a way to a ship to America. Tsuji then became extremely interested into programming.Tsuji had planned on becoming a programmer and engineer he then got a doctorate in programming. Tsuji had then made the gadget for fun but when he attached it to his arm and ran it the port system fried melting the metal through his hand and bounding to his bone and ruining internet access. He was traveling to work at the foundation when he had saw SCP-063 outside during a containment breach and he was interviewed for any trauma that the foundation should have took notice of. After noticing his engineering ability the foundation took him in as a level 1 scientist.

Position: He has a level 2 Clearance level (promotion pending).

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