Dr. William Daniels

Name: Dr. William Tyler Daniels

Age: 28

Aliases: Puck, Dr. D, Daniels.

Played By: Puck DanielsPuck Daniels

Security Clearance: Level-2

Position: Junior Researcher of Site-37.

Physical Characteristics: Tall, blue eyes, brownish-red hair, thin physique. Prefers to wear his lab coat. Also has a pair of spectacles and a small scar on his forehead after an accident with a rogue D-Class.

Degrees: PhD in Microbiology from Harvard University (dissertation on cell signaling)

Prior Job Qualifications: Pharmaceutical development, laboratory research.

Background: Daniels was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and didn't leave the area often. His father was a local scientist working in a research lab and his mother was a nurse working in a local clinic. Daniels's father was the one who got him interested in science; eager to please his father, Daniels focused much of his time on the topic and became especially fascinated with biology. He studied all the living things he could, even family pets.

At age 17, he attended Harvard University, continuing his search for knowledge by getting a Bachelors Degree in Biological Sciences followed by a PhD in Microbiology. He graduated head of his cohort at age 26, and went to work for a local pharmaceutical production agency. He was later contacted by Foundation scouts, when Site-37 had an opening for a researcher due to an unfortunate accident. He passed all background checks and told his parents, per orders, that he had been contacted by a larger company out of state.

He is currently working under Dr.██████, as his protogé. Daniels studies various biological anomalies and tries to find ways to communicate with them through their cellular structure. He also performs experimental testing involving SCPs in the purview of his mentor's lab. He is occasionally let out into the field; however, this is not often.

Daniels is extremely intelligent and sarcastic, but if you can get past the misleading exterior, he is also friendly and humorous. He enjoys running, hopes to prove himself in his line of work, and is not fond of cats.

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