Dr Werner Klemperer

Character Name: Werner Klemperer

Aliases: Klemp, Vern, Dr. K, Dr. Klemperer,

Qualifications: Ph.D in Materials Science

Played By: Wilhelm Klink

Position: Level 2 researcher in Material Studies

Race: Caucasian

Height: 172 centimetres

DOB: 06/18/81


  • Slim build
  • Brown, curled hair
  • Wears most often his Ohio state hooded sweatshirt with a brown fishing hat and tortoise shell glasses.
  • Possesses visible marks indicating 3rd degree burns on hands and arms and a prominent 2.8 x 0.2 cm scar on his left temple.

Background: Graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology on 06/05/09 and was recruited during a regular sweep for desirable personnel.

Was noted for negative personality spikes and at the suggestion of medical staff, was put on emotional suppressants. He has since settled well into his work with ballistic armor research and has developed several working prototypes.

He has been noted as opinionated, neurotic, unwilling to participate in social activities in which 6 or more people are party to, and possessing of a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Becomes belligerent upon attempts at falsification or misrepresentation of his or related fields.

Noteable creations:

  • A suit of chitinous armor capable of deflecting most sizes of ammunition below 12.7 x 71mm; incredibly flammable however.
  • A interweave for clothing capable of limited adaptive camouflage; fails in contact with water.
  • A vest made out of segmented panels of armor.
  • A replica of a Tokarev TT-33 made from nickel plated tungsten and iridium; was rendered inoperable after the first firing. "It was to prove a point."
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